The Guideline and Sample of Financial Aid Appeal Letter for Bad Grades

The Guideline and Sample of Financial Aid Appeal Letter for Bad Grades

It is common to hear the success rate of financial aid appeals is actually extremely low, especially if the cause is poor academic. Not every student has merit circumstances that support them to submit appeal letter. In some cases, appealing will cut the amount of financial aid that they already receive. The best way to give it a chance is by writing a good financial aid appeal letter for bad grades.

129 Financial Aid Appeal Letter for Bad Grades


What Should I Write In My Financial Aid Appeal Letter?

The format of appeal letter for financial aid follows the standard business letter format, which are:

Salutation to the addressed person

Introduction paragraph

Main message in the body paragraph

Closing paragraph


Copy of supporting document (if any)

How Do You Write A Successful Academic Appeal Letter?

You have to explain what causes your academic performance to be struggling. Then, in the following paragraphs, explain how you plan to improve in the upcoming semester or year of academic. It’s also a good idea to attach your plan to get better academic result in separated document.

Is It Hard To Appeal Financial Aid Suspension?

The chance of being granted of aid is higher if you apply for it early. It’s because the appeal letter will come in the beginning of financial aid cycle, so the institution still has plenty of money and position available. However, the difficulty level will depends heavily on your academic institution.

What Is A Good Reason To Appeal Financial Aid?

Some of the most common reasons of why students show poor academic performance are:

Financial struggle that makes their living situation unsteady

Family struggles such as death of illness of family members

Personal struggles such as health problem physically or mentally

Sample Letter of a Bad Academic Dismissal Appeal

Here is a sample of financial aid appeal letter for bad grades to help you understand how to put it out:


To Whom It May Concern,

I have noticed that I didn’t obtain financial aid for the upcoming semester when I checked school bill this morning. I tried to reach the school’s office and they tell me it was due to my poor academic grades, but I’m allowed to submit an appeal letter, thus this letter is written to you.’

I understand that my last semester result came quite bad. I have too much on my plate since I also work part-time and have to take care of my ill mother. It’s a fault that I take full responsibility over. However, I’ve no idea that it would take my financial aid in risk. I would have put even more effort in keeping my grades had I known that was the case.

While I wholly understand that the school has every right to retract my financial aid, I beg of reconsideration over this matter. I wouldn’t be able to attend school without it. I respectfully request for one semester of probation to fix my grades. Thank you in advance.


Madison Barry


With the letter, you may attach supporting document such as your academic plan to improve the grade. Submitting financial aid appeal letter for bad grades will help the committee board to make determination of reconsideration.



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