Writing CEO Resignation Letter with Proper Sample

Writing CEO Resignation Letter with Proper Sample

Everyone in the company can write a resignation letter. As the top person in the management, CEO also has a right to write CEO Resignation Letter to express the willingness to leave the company. Let’s check how to write the letter properly by using the guideline below.

15 CEO Resignation Letter

What is the Resignation Letter of CEO?

This letter is written by the company’s top management expressing the readiness to quit or seek a new opportunity. Some letters written by a well-known CEO will be made public and become a piece of hot news in business update.

How Do I Write a Letter of Resignation as a Chairman?

When the CEO leaves company, a well-designed letter should be sent to the executives. This kind of letter often gets into the media. Therefore, the resigning Executive Director must write a letter assuming it will be made public. It’s not convenient to publish angry letters that anyone can read.

The Tips to Write a Resignation Letter of CEO

The expression of information in any verbal or writing form is always important. Ensure the letter to be as professional as possible. As a CEO, you always have to keep the excellent reputation of your company. In addition, the apparent and professional reason should be expressed well if it is necessary to be written.

What to Include In the Letter

For your information, the CEO resignation letter format must begin with a request to the company’s owner, the directors, or the legal entity. It is also great to express the great hopes for the prospect achievement of the organization.

The Sample of CEO Resignation Letter

Board of Directors

Willing Incorporated

589 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 87453


Dear Directors,

I am resigning as the CEO of Willing, Inc. takes effect after my replacement appointment. It is privileged to lead Willing Incorporated for the past seven years to represent thousands of worldwide clients using our services. I am honored by what we have achieved by pursuing its interests and adding value to the customers. I am certain that Willing, Inc. will be much more advanced in the F&B industry and manufacturing, bringing ground breaking ideas and developing innovative technologies to our customers around the globe.

I have had a great opportunity of having works with a highly devoted and enthusiastic team who lead the work progression in my years in the F&B manufacturing. I put all my appreciations for the eagerness and the performance that Willing, Inc. peoples. This success is not the success of the CEO alone. It is an achievement that requires a dedicated team who come together to work tirelessly towards a great ambition.

I am pleased to be the forerunner at the Willing, Inc. Once again, I express my gratitude for the great chance to be the CEO for the past seven years.

With gratitude,

George Broadwell


That is the elaboration of how you can compose a great and professional CEO resignation letter. It is always acceptable to modify with the company you are involved in.



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