Writing No Show Appointment Letter with Sample

Writing No Show Appointment Letter with Sample

There are a lot of unexpected events that make you have to cancel an appointment you have set. No one will ever want such thing to happen. Even if you are in this position, the ideal option you can do is to write a no show appointment letter. The letter will help you to explain to your physician, client, or friend why you missed the appointment.

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How Do I Apologize for a Missed Appointment?

When you happen to miss a necessary appointment, the ideal way to express your apology is by writing a letter. In the first paragraph, you can directly say that you are sincerely apologizing. If you have no idea what phrases you should use, you may consider the samples below:

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience I have caused by not attending the meeting

I was deeply disappointed that I was unable to participate in our appointment

How Do I Write a Missed Appointment Letter?

There are several steps for composing a no show appointment letter that include:

Start the letter by expressing your apology for missing the appointment

Include a relevant explanation as to why you couldn’t attend the appointment

Propose for a rescheduled appointment

Express your apology again to end the letter

How to Write an Apology Letter for a Missing Meeting?

Expressing an apology is the first important concern when you compose a missed appointment letter as you need to apologize for the unforeseen events. The second important thing about the letter is to provide an explanation. You need to clearly explain the reason for what kind of circumstances has taken your time that makes you have to miss the appointment.

How Do You Write an Explanation Letter for Missing an Appointment?

As mentioned above, start the letter by expressing a sincere apology is a must. You can also include the day and the date of the appointment you have missed, as it is the only way you can do to reschedule the appointment. After all, keeping things as they are without providing any explanation will only make everything worse.

The Sample of a No Show Appointment Letter

Suppose you happen to miss an appointment with your doctor, but you have no idea how to write a proper apology letter. In that case, the following sample will give you an idea to get started.

Dear Mrs. Stanley,

I am sending this letter to express my sincere apology regarding my inability to attend an appointment I have arranged with Dr. Bloom on Tuesday, January 23rd. There was an unexpected event at the office that required my presence.

I had told my supervisor regarding my appointment with Dr. Bloom. However, there was no other employee that could substitute my presence. Therefore, I had no choice but to attend the event. As a result, I had to cancel the meeting with Dr. Bloom.

I am more than willing to pay the $15 charge per the policy for the missed appointment. I am aware that my absence had caused inconvenience to Dr. Bloom and other staff in the clinic. Despite my oversight, I hope you could reschedule me at the best convenience. Thank you for your understanding.


Michael Keaton


That is all about writing a no show appointment letter. If you were in a position where you couldn’t attend an appointment, consider writing such a letter to show your professionalism and etiquette.



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