The CEO Recommendation Letter with Example

The CEO Recommendation Letter with Example

Chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest position ranking in a company. It’s an occupation that requires good leadership. If you’re aiming for the position at your workplace, it may be a great idea to include CEO Recommendation letter as one of your supporting documents.

211 CEO Recommendation Letter

How Do You Write A Letter Of Recommendation For A Leader?

CEO is a position where someone has to lead the entire company. Thus, it’s good to emphasize the applicant’s leadership skill, which might be done by stating specific samples where they demonstrated the qualities. It’s also great to highlight leadership related characteristics such as fast decision making, conscientiousness, assertive personality, or capability of critical thinking.

How Do You Start A Recommendation Paragraph?

Similar to other recommendation letter, the writer should introduce themselves and what is their relationship with the applicant, for how long, and in what capacity. State the applied position and why the applicant is recommended to obtain it.

How Do You End A Recommendation Letter?

Again, just like typical recommendation letter, it must be wrapped up by a paragraph that summarizes positive statements about the recommended person. It’s also necessary to share contact details if the addressed person needs assistance or ask something in the future.

What Makes A Good Letter Of Recommendation?

The purpose of writing letter of recommendation is to give strong persuasion so the applicant will get accepted or hired into the position. The best way to do so is by referencing to the applicant’s resume to the recommendation wordings can be chosen as targeted.

Recommendation Letter Sample for CEO Position

Read the sample of CEO Recommendation letter in the following:

Dear Chairman Jones,

This letter is written on behalf of Sophia Young who, to my belief, is going to make an excellent choice for the position of CEO in your company. It has been a little more than a decade since I’ve worked with her to run the furnishing company that may parents built since 1970s.

Ms. Young is someone who puts great attention to details, that often passed by other persons. As someone who’s close professionally and personally to her, she has successfully worked in various departments within company – thus gave her diversified experiences to be an executive candidate.

I have witnessed many times of how she presented her ideas to the employees and formulate strategies using her experiences, which nearly always work in my company. These times helped her to obtain and maintain leader position back then. Her insights and senses surpass her age. Combined with great dedication and being naturally competitive, she has earned well-deserved respects from her colleagues.

I’d be more than willing if you have something to discuss related to Ms. Young’s qualifications. Please reach me at my attached phone numbers or email address.

Yours sincerely,

George Carter


It’s not easy to attain a position as important as CEO, so writing CEO Recommendation letter might not be as easy as it seems. Feel free to use the format of the sample letter above to adjust and create your own.


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