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Resignation Letter to Whom It May Concern Example and Explanations

Writing resignation letter to whom it may concern is sometimes done by the employees when they have no clue about where the letter should get sent off. This is more information about the letter that you have to know.

3 Resignation Letter to Whom It May Concern

Can I Write to Whom it May Concern on a Resignation Letter?

If you are not sure about to whom the letter is addressed, you should be allowed to write the ‘whom it may concern letter’. It is the safest way to send the letter and resign.

What is the Correct Way to Write to Whom it May Concern?

The correct way to write the letter is:

  • Write the letter professionally
  • State the reason of leaving the job
  • Make sure that your duties are finished beforehand

What Should I Write in My Letter of Resignation?

The most important thing to write in the letter is the reason why you leave the job. It will give the explanation to the company about the real reason why you are leaving.

How Do I Write a Personal Letter of Resignation?

Write it to the human resources department. Resigning from a position in an office or company is usually done by sending a letter to human resources department indeed. However, other department of the company can have the letter as well.

Sample of Resignation Letter to Whom it May Concern

Of course an example is needed when you want to write the resignation letter to whom it may concern for the first time. This is the letter that you may use:

October 15, 2020


To Whom it May Concern

This letter is to inform you all that I have decided to resign from my job as a senior technician in Auckland Company. I have been working here in this company for more than 10 years so this is obviously a hard decision for me personally.

I have decided to leave the company because I won’t be able to work in this state anymore. My family is about to relocate back to my spouse’s home country which is in Ireland. Hence, it may not be possible for me to continue working in this company.

I will make sure that before the end of October, which is the last day at work for me, every single duty and responsibility I have for the company is done and finished. This letter is to inform the related department about my resignation, including the human resources department, production department and recruiting department

I hope that I have done satisfying job while I am working here and that I can leave the job proudly.


Thank you,




Jonathan Harbor


Auckland Company


Resigning without any letter is not possible. This is why you need to make sure that you can write the letter. If you are not sure to whom the letter is addressed, simply use the template of resignation letter to whom it may concern above. It will help you write the letter properly to anyone that needs to know about your resignation.




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