How to Write a Grant Acceptance Letter

How to Write a Grant Acceptance Letter

Suppose your organization receives a letter that has been labeled as a grant recipient. In that case, it’s necessary to formally respond to it to thank the grantor for the faith in you. The ideal way to express gratitude is by writing a grant acceptance letter. Besides, the letter will help to further strengthen your relationship with the other party.

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What to Do After Receiving Grants?

While you can verbally express the gratitude to the grantors, it’s always a great idea to put it into a grant acceptance letter. You can address the letter to the executive director, CEO, or even the board chair for their valuable roles in making the opportunity feasible.

How Do I Write a Grant Acceptance Letter?

To write a good acceptance letter, you should at least write a three-paragraph letter. In the opening paragraph, include a formal statement of a grant acceptance and show your gratitude in a pleasant way. You may also want to have several words regarding the company and your grant plans.

How to Say Thank You for Receiving a Grant?

First, begin the letter with a salutation to the recipient. In the first paragraph, mention the purpose of the letter. You can start by saying, “I am writing to express my gratitude to your organization for making the….”

How Do Write a Grant Acceptance Letter for Financial Support?

If you are required to compose an acceptance letter for obtaining financial support for scholarship, here are the important items you must include.

  • Briefly explain about yourself, including some of the current situations
  • Mention the research or internship you’ve taken part
  • Elaborate on how the financial support will significantly help to meet your educational goals

The Sample of a Grant Acceptance Letter

Here is the sample of an acceptance letter to formally express your gratitude to the grantor for trusting their faith in your company or organization.


Mike Russell

Project Manager

Rainshield Foundation

3585 Pinchelone Street,

Smithfield, VA 23430


March 23, 2015



Ian Gallagher

Assistant Vice President

JJ Foundation

3744 Thrash Trail

Tyler, TX 75702


Dear Mr. Gallagher,

I am writing to acknowledge our grant receipt from JJ Foundation to Rainshield Foundation in the sum of $15,000. As you are aware, we build our organization to serve people in our community and create a better future by building better homeless shelters in our city.

This grant from JJ Foundation will allow us to achieve our current objectives. Please acknowledge our heartfelt appreciation for this support on behalf of the members of the Rainshield Foundation. Enclosed with this letter, you will find a summary of our current project and how the funding will benefit our community.

Should you require any further discussions please contact me by phone at 333-333-3333 or email at, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Without this grant from JJ Foundation, it is impossible for our community to complete our recent project in a timely manner. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Russell  


That’s how you write a grant acceptance letter. Here the three important things you need to remember in composing such letter: be thankful, make it short, and keep it professional.


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