How to Apologize by Using Apology Letter to Client

How to Apologize by Using Apology Letter to Client

Making mistakes is everyone’s thing, and this can also happen even during your professional service. If you make mistakes while giving a service to a customer, it is important to apologize for it. It will not only help to retain the customer, but you will also be able to clear the guilt caused by such occasion. Writing an apology letter to client is one way to apologize to your client/customer for any mistakes you made.

27 Apology Letter to Client

Is It Important to Write an Apology Letter?

Yes, it is as important as asking for apology for the mistakes you made to your client. More importantly, it serves too as a channel to show that you are guilty for the mistakes.

Is an Apology Letter a Formal Letter?

Well, a letter of apology can be both ways: informal and formal. Although it can be informal, it is advised to keep it written as a formal letter since you are addressing the letter to your clients. This apology letter to client should always be typed and printed on a quality paper.

How Do You Start an Apology Letter?

In order to write an apology letter, below are the elements of making the letter:

Express that you are sorry.

Retell your clients about the mistakes you made, and admit that you did it

Show the clients that you are responsible for the mistake

Have a plan to pay the cost for the mistake

Ask for forgiveness

Can You Apologize through an Email?

You can, but writing a letter is much recommended since it gives more personalized approach as well as making the apology feels more sincere. However, you can opt to send emails to the client if you feel it is the right thing to do. For example, your client lives far which makes letter will take too long to reach.

 Apology Letter to Client Sample

Dear Mrs. Kawasaki,

Along with this letter, I intend to apologize personally in behalf of one of our staff. We understand the importance of Christmas and New Year season for your company sales; and unfortunately, we missed a pivotal deadline for advertising the information of your company to the public. I am sorry for our team’s mistakes, and I will do anything it may take to ensure such thing will never happen again.

Your company is one of our routine clients; and for which we really appreciate that. We hope this mistake will not terminate our professional relationship. As the representative of our team, I will make sure to make my team work harder to assure you such oversight will not occur again in the future. As compensation, I would like to offer a free upgrade of silver package service for your next advertising.

We at ProAds highly appreciate your company’s business and we would do anything to put our clients’ necessities first. Once again, I, along with our company team, am tremendously sorry to have caused you much trouble. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you got any problem with anyone in my team.

I hope in the future we will be able to avoid such problems and maintaining a resilient professional relationship.


Nina P. Moore


That is how to write an apology letter to client. Since it is a professional letter, it is important to keep the letter short, effective, and free from improper grammar use. Writing such apology letter will require your sincere apology and a promise to fix anything in order to cover for the mistakes made.


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