Apology Letter for Being Late Format and Details

Apology Letter for Being Late Format and Details

It is never a good thing to be late in any occasion. This is why you should be able to write down an apology letter for being late. This is the example of the letter to save you from a lot of problems. Follow the example below, and you can also find other information about the letter, starting from how to write it to how to simply apologize.

218 Apology Letter for Being Late

How Do I Apologize for Being Late?

A simple phone call will do that. Or, you can also write a letter. It seems like old fashioned but you can use the example of letter below to show how sorry you are for being late to an appointment.

How Do You Write a Delayed Apology Letter?

If you are running a business and there are several delays in the service, you should write an apology letter as well. The letter should contain:

  • The apology
  • The reason behind the delays
  • The compensations

How Do I Write an Excuse Letter for Late Enrollment?

If you plan to enroll to something and you are too late to do that, you can pen a personal letter to the enrollment committee and see if you can get a second chance or at least an extension time for the enrollment.

How Do I Apologize for Delayed Delivery?

All you have to do to apologize is to write the letter. Everyone will understand as long as the reason is explained in the letter. Make sure the example below is the one you use for the letter.

Sample of Apology Letter for Being Late

This is the example of apology letter for being late that you need to follow.

October 21, 2020


Dr. Oscar Lee

University of Rickard

Highland 2 St,

Rickard, JB, 2919


Dear Dr. Lee,

I am writing to you this letter to offer my apology. I am terribly sorry that I have let you down yesterday. I am aware that we have a meeting yesterday and I was 40 minutes late. By the time I reached the point of meeting, you have already left and I know it was completely my fault.

I would like to explain why I was late yesterday. On the way to the campus to meeting you, a lady was stricken by a motorbike right in front of my eyes and I had no other choice but to call ambulance and take her to the hospital.

As the lady was unconscious, I had to stay with her in the ambulance until we reached the hospital. Once she was with the paramedics at the hospital, I rushed to call a taxi and went to the campus to meet you. Sadly, I was so late and you have left.

I hope this letter explains everything and you can forgive me.

Thank you,



John Finland


There is no way that you can get away from angry people when you are being late. This is the reason why you should understand how to write the apology letter for being late all the time. Use the template available up there to do that and you can salvage your pride afterward.





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