Medical Termination Letter Example and Important Information

Medical Termination Letter Example and Important Information

A medical termination letter is usually written by doctor or physician to their clients and patients. The letter is terminating their relationship or to end the medical process which has been established. There are usually important reasons behind the termination, including the need for better care. This is the further information about the letter.

204 Medical Termination Letter

How Do You End a Medical Letter?

The letter should be written in proper structure and written simply. However, the letter should end with the recommendation of where to go and what the patient needs to do next to get a better treatment, if the termination is based on the need of more advanced treatment.

What Do You Say in a Termination Letter?

There are several things that you usually state in a medical termination letter. Some of them are written below:

Why the termination is needed

The willingness of the doctor to provide the medical record

The suggestion of what the next step to take

How Do You Legally Terminate a Patient?

The letter is the one that you can use to terminate a patient. The patient can also be called into the doctor’s office to talk about the termination in person.

Can a Doctor Terminate a Patient?

Surely they can. A doctor has every right to tend the patient or not. There are many reasons for a doctor to terminate patient, including the patient has been misbehaving or they need better and more advanced treatment from a bigger hospital.

The Sample of Medical Termination Letter

The letter that you need to use as example is available below. This is one of the best examples for that

October 26, 2020


Frank Jones

Buba 8 St,

Jackson, HN, 2810


Dear Mr. Jones,

This is the letter to inform you that I would no longer be your personal physician starting from November 1, 2020. This is the medical termination letter that you can bring to your new physician replacing my place in the future.

I have to renounce my rights to be your personal physician because I do believe that you need better treatment from a more advanced physician and hospital. Your personal health is not getting better and I suspected that you do need more sophisticated medical technology to cope with that.

I suggest that you go to hospital beyond Jackson area with more modern equipment and sophisticated technologies. Hopefully, you will be able to get better sooner. I will certainly prepare all the medical records and paper work you need for the quest to find better treatment.

I wish you well.



Dr. Edgar Paul

Jackson Hospital


In general, a physician knows better than the patient. That is why every word that they say, the patient needs to follow them, including when they are asked to change the medical care. The letter sample above is going to be a template to follow every time a doctor needs to pen the medical termination letter to end the relationship between the patient and them.




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