NJ Unemployment Appeal Letter to Request Hearing for New Jersey Citizens

NJ Unemployment Appeal Letter to Request Hearing for New Jersey Citizens

If you live in New Jersey and just received denial over unemployment benefits claim, you might think there’s no chance to gain it anymore. However, just like it applies in other states, you still have a right to file an appeal. If you win, you’re entitled to get the benefit. Here is how you can compose a proper NJ unemployment appeal letter.

69 NJ Unemployment Appeal Letter

How Do I Write an Appeal Letter for Unemployment In NJ?

The appeal for denied unemployment benefit must be filed within seven days after obtaining the determination letter. It is sent to the Appeal Tribune of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development by mailing or fax. The letter should explain in brief manner of why you have a right to receive the benefits.

How Long Does Unemployment Appeal Take In NJ?

It typically takes two months for the Board of Review to determine cases after appeal is filed. In general, the cases may be expedited by the Board if there’s an eviction notice submitted by the filing person – so it’s possible to get an exception if you currently encounter extreme hardship.

What Happens If You Lose an Unemployment Appeal?

In case you lose on appeal hearing, then it’s recommended to appeal to higher review level. However, if you’re found to be ineligible or decide not to appeal further, then your status remains until you get the next job and gained certain amount of money. 

Do I Need a Lawyer to Represent Me in an Unemployment Appeal?

You may choose to represent yourself of hire attorney during the hiring – no need to worry if you don’t use lawyer service because the process is schemed for average non-lawyer persons, and in fact, thousands of unemployed persons has won without hiring attorney. That being said, a lawyer can give you useful guide and provide higher chance to achieve desired result.

Appeal Letter Sample for Unemployment Benefits in New Jersey

Read below the sample of NJ unemployment appeal letter:

To Whom It May Concern,       

I, (your name), officially file an appeal to the claim decision as of (determination mail’s date) that reject my employment benefit by stating that I quit the job without reasonable cause or misconduct. (Explain about your actual issue that’s brought up in the determination letter and the law section it’s based from.)

The reason behind my attempt to appeal this decision is because I genuinely believe that the referenced denial in the letter is incorrect. (State your true reason of quitting the job or if you have been unemployed because of unclear reason.)

I truly wish you’d consider this appeal letter as my request for hearing upon the unemployment benefit. I also have included necessary supporting documents and information to prove my statement.

Thank you in advance,

(Your name)

(Last four digits of your SSN)

(Your phone number)

(Your full address)


As mentioned before, the NJ unemployment appeal letter can be mailed or e-mailed. Another alternative to file an appeal is by opting for online application, in which you will be provided with a form.





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