How Nurse Resignation Letter Look and What to Write?

How Nurse Resignation Letter Look and What to Write?

A nurse resignation letter is usually written by a registered nurse (RN) who has decided to quit their job for various reasons. Nurses have shifts and numerous jobs to do. That’s why you have to make sure the letter is sent way before the last day of work. This is more information about writing a resignation letter if you are a nurse.

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How Do I Resign as a Nurse?

To resign from the job, you need to inform the supervision and pen the letter immediately. Nursing job is not the kind of job you can easily leave because there will be a lot of responsibilities, especially to patients, to bear.

How Do I Write a Simple Resignation Letter?

The letter to inform the work of place that you have decided to quit your job as RN should have the information:

Why you have decided to quit

When the last day at work will be

State the appreciation to the company for the opportunity to work there

Can You Quit a Nursing Job without Notice?

Absolutely it’s not. Remember that a nursing job is a huge responsibility. You have to make sure that you have everything in order and transferred the jobs and everything else to someone else before leaving. It is then impossible not to inform anyone that you are quitting the job.

How Do I Put in My 2 Weeks’ Notice for Nursing?

First, you have to check to the human resources department whether the clinic or work of place has the policy of two weeks’ notice. Then, make sure you pen the letter in the determined time so that you won’t break the rule of two week notice and bear the risk.

Sample of Nurse Resignation Letter

Writing nurse resignation letter without any example is hard for sure. You have to follow this example below:

October 2, 2020


Linda Oscar

Human Resources Department

Jacksonville Clinic

Jasmine 78 St,

Jacksonville, JK, 2181


Dear Mrs. Oscar,

This is my resignation letter from my job as registered nurse in Jacksonville Clinic. I would have to quit my job because my husband has made a decision to move the family out of state and hence I have no other choice but to quit my job.

I have been working at Jacksonville Clinic for almost a decade so that this is a very hard decision to leave. I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to work here and gain lots of experience in the last 9,5 years.

My last day at work will be on October 31, 2020. I would then move out of Jacksonville to Hunderland by the next day (November 1). I promise to finish my shifts and jobs before I leave. I am also sure that Jacksonville Clinic will have someone professional to fill my shoes.

Thank you for understanding and I wish you all well.



Ellen Karla


Again, if there is two weeks’ notice policy in the hospital, you should follow them as well. Writing the right nurse resignation letter will make you leave the job gracefully, and leave everyone in a good term.


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