Writing Resignation Letter from Fulltime to Part Time

Writing Resignation Letter from Fulltime to Part Time

There are plenty of available reasons why someone wanted to turn from being full-time employee to part-time one. In this case, you have to make a convincing case of why this change will benefit the company, even if you will be working with reduced hours and be less available. Here’s how you can craft a good convincement by using resignation letter from fulltime to part time.

How Do I Tell My Boss I Want to Go From Fulltime to Part Time?

The key to successfully request for lower working hours is by preparation. It’s not an easy process so you want to be prepared as best as you possibly can. Submitting a written proposal is the best idea to go, in order to show how reducing your role and the transition will work smoothly for the business.

141 Resignation Letter from Fulltime to Part Time

How Do I Write A Letter Requesting Change From Fulltime to Part Time?

To write a proper request to be a part-time worker, you need to:

Address the letter to the right person

State the request clearly

Present the possible benefits

Explain the reason behind your request

Explain how the transition will go

Do I Have To Write A Resignation Letter For A Part Time Job?

Even though the formal resignation is needed, actually there’s no formal requirement for employee to do so, except it’s stated clearly in companies’ policy. Submitting a formal resignation letter is a way to make you look more professional and courteous.

How Many Hours Should Part Time Employees Work?

Part-time employees work anywhere between 8 hours to 38 hours per week. The minimum hours that must be attended is agreed between the employees and the employer.

Sample of Letter Requesting Part-Time Hours

Check out the following example of resignation letter from fulltime to part time:

Dear Mr. Williams,

This letter is to inform you that I intend to downsize my working hours as Front Desk Receptionist in full-time to part-time. I am set to return to university this fall to achieve my Master’s Degree, so my schedule will most likely only allow me to be a part-time employee at 20-25 hours per week. The last day I work as full-time employee will be at December 17, 2020.

I appreciate your understanding and consideration upon my situation. I aspire to go back to school in order to sharpen my knowledge and strengthen my skill, which hopefully will help to develop my career here. I’ll do my best to make sure that my transition will go as smooth as possible.

If you have any concerns or questions, please reach me out at my attached email address or phone number. I thank you very much for opportunity to keep working at your business even with reduced hours.

Yours Sincerely,

Carina Johnson


You may use the resignation letter from fulltime to part time as a formal form of request. However, if you are in good relationship with the employer, it’s a good idea as well to talk in-person to discuss this matter.


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