End of Internship Letter Example and Information You Can Use

End of Internship Letter Example and Information You Can Use

Writing an end of internship letter is something that everyone needs to do at the end of their internship program. The program must come to an end at some points, and it is your time to say goodbye. You can do that and show some gratitude by writing the letter. The example of the letter will be displayed below.

179 End of Internship Letter

How Do You End a Letter of Internship?

The letter ends by stating thank you for everyone involved in the program, especially the boss and everyone who have been giving you the opportunity to work in the company.

What to Say to an Intern Leaving?

If you are the boss and an intern in your company or office inform you that they are leaving the internship program, you need to say thank you for them to participate and you will have to offer a job opportunity in the company (if any).

How Do You Write an Internship Completion Letter?

Writing the letter is quite simple as the things you have to say in the letter is pretty straight forward. The letter is to inform that the internship program you take is about to end and you will have to leave gracefully from the job.

How Do You Tell an Internship You’re Leaving?

There are several points that you have to inform your boss in the letter when saying that you are done with the internship program. They are:

The last day of the internship

What you plan to do after the internship

The experience you get from the internship

Sample of End of Internship Letter

There are people who have no clue about how to write end of internship letter. The example of the simplest letter of this kind will be shown here.

July 20, 2020


Philip Baker

Hudson 7, 2018

Doubleville, YH, 3018


Dear Mr. Baker,

I am writing you this letter basically to say thank you and goodbye. I have been doing the internship program in your company for the last three months and it will end on July 31st, 2020. I want to say thank you indeed for the opportunity and I have learnt a lot of things here.

After finishing this internship program, I am expected to get back to my university and finish my Bachelor’s Degree. With the experience I get from the internship, I believe that writing my thesis will be way easier now.

I would like to apologize if I have misbehaved or done something inappropriately, whether I did it on purpose or not, during my time here. This has been a great experience to join the internship program here and I wish everyone in this company all the best.

Thank you,



Gilbert Donna


That’s the explanations you need to know about the letter. Whenever you take the internship program and it will end soon, pen the letter down. If you have never done that before, the end of internship letter example above will surely help you in doing so. It has everything you need to say and inform to the boss.




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