The Details of Termination Letter for Cause

 The Details of Termination Letter for Cause

Employees who have proved to be unable of performing their obligations are responsible for the productivity and credibility of a company. In this case, the employer will usually send them a termination letter for cause which basically consists of their decision regarding the action the organization will take to deal with the issue.

94 Termination Letter for Cause

What is Termination with a Cause?

In short, termination for a cause happens when the behavior of an employee in the organization, their interaction with their supervisor or colleagues or customers are unacceptable that they need a termination of jobs.

Do You Have to Give a Worker a Termination Letter?

To end a worker’s employment, it’s the obligation of the employer to hand their employers an official written notice regarding their decision. This way, the employers will know the exact reason why they are being terminated from the job.

How Do You Write a Termination Letter for Cause?

When you compose a termination letter for cause, there are a number of crucial things you need to include in the letter, such as:

  • The specific reason for the decision
  • Evidence that proves the decision
  • Other details such as benefits and payment

What Should Include in a Termination Letter for Cause?

Below are the essential items that must be included in a termination letter with a cause:

  • Name and all the relevant information regarding the terminated employee
  • The date when the decision is effective
  • Specific reason as to why an employee must be terminated
  • Details regarding the company’s property that are still in the employee’s possession
  • Information regarding final payment, benefits, and compensation
  • Details about the company’s legal agreements

The Sample of a Termination Letter for Cause

In several cases, an employee is terminated for more than one specific reason. In this sample, the employee is terminated for sexually harassing their co-workers and nepotism.


Dear Mr. Nielsen,

I am writing this letter to inform you that your employment with JD Industries as an accounting supervisor has been terminated for a cause. We have obtained a significant record of evidence proves that you have deliberately abused your authority as a supervisor to harass your employees and hire family members in roles you are not eligible for.

On July 11, 2015, we received an official report from one of your employees concerning sexual harassment. After we conducted an investigation, we discovered that two other female employees wanted to bring charges against you. Our records also reveal that two of your direct employees are related to you, and neither of them has any experience in the accounting field.

When you were recruited, our management orientation training clearly described the criteria for hiring new employees. Nepotism might be tolerated, but not at the expense of the corporation. Any kind of harassment of worker is not tolerated. JD Industries has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of abuse.

If there is any further question, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 333-333-3333 or email me at

Best regards,

Jimmy Norton


When you write a termination letter for cause, make sure you follow the general format in order to prevent any liability issues regarding the unfair termination.


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