Writing Tips and Sample of Teacher Appreciation Letter from Student

Writing Tips and Sample of Teacher Appreciation Letter from Student

Now that the end of school year is approaching and everyone is getting ready to run on holiday, it makes a perfect time to write a little appreciative message to the teachers. Your teachers deserve to know how much they have helped you throughout the academic year. Here’s how to write the best teacher appreciation letter from student.

11 Teacher Appreciation Letter from Student

What Do You Write in a Teacher Appreciation Letter?

Teachers have an essential role in your life as a student, so it’s only makes sense that you let them know that their efforts are appreciated much. One of the best ways to do so is by writing an appreciation letter. It shouldn’t take more than several minutes to craft a proper appreciation letter for your teacher, especially if you want to make it short, simple, and sweet.

How Do You Write a Recognition Letter for a Teacher?

To write a proper letter, follow the tips below.

  • Make the message feels personal by stating out the specific lessons or activities that leave big impression to you
  • Write out some memorable moments in school or class related to the teachers
  • Refer to the teachers’ creative ideas, positive energy, or admirable character

What is the Best Message for Teacher?

The best messages are the sincere ones. For example, you may write how the said teachers helped you a lot throughout the year and how much lessons you’ve understood because of their efforts. You may also say about how their motivations or encouragements drive you to do better in class.

If you have graduated, then it’s a good idea to thank them of how the skills they have taught during school are very much applicable or express how the lessons help you to progress in the next academic level or in workplace.

How Do You Thank a Teacher Virtually?

A handwritten teacher appreciation letter from student is always the best. However, if it’s not possible, then you may just send the letter through e-mail or text message teachers to show your gratitude to the teachers.

Sample of Appreciation Letter for Teacher from Student

If you want to show your appreciation the teachers but don’t know exactly what to write, you may want to check out the sample below and take some inspirations:


Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (Teacher’s name),

Math is a subject that I have always struggled to understand since elementary school. I was always behind my classmates. Sometimes, I want to give up on it, but you’ve always convinced me to learn to my best so that I could pass the math class of yours.

I think I wouldn’t have confidence back then without helps from you. I was too scared of making mistakes during assignments and exams. However, you’ve always reassured me that it’s alright to make mistakes on first times because that’s how we learn after all. I want to thank you for all the helps you’ve given me, I’m really grateful of them.


(Your name)


There are plenty of ideas available from online resources to inspire you to write a great teacher appreciation letter from student. The teachers surely will cherish each of the positive letter that you send them.


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