What to Say in Resignation Letter for a Job You Just Started?

What to Say in Resignation Letter for a Job You Just Started?

Resigning from a job is a right for all employees. However, what if you have just started working in a company and have to resign due to a certain reason? Let’s say you are granted a scholarship to study abroad, or maybe getting a better chance in another workplace. Well, the decision to resign is yours, but make sure to write a resignation letter for a job your just started beforehand.

164 Resignation Letter for a Job You Just Started

Is it OK to Quit a Job You Just Started?

There is no such thing like a perfect time to quit. It indeed is better if you are staying for longer time, but can your reason wait for longer duration? Whenever you plan to quit, you must stay professional and comply the company’s policy regarding the employee’s resignation.

What to Say When Quitting a Job You Just Started?

The most important thing is to apologize for the short working period. You should also apologize for any inconveniences your resignation may cause. Expressing your gratitude for the given opportunity is considered as a courteous act, too.

How Do I Quit My Job without a Two-Week Notice?

If you are forced to resign immediately, and have no chance to write a two-week notice, you have to write a resignation letter for a job you just started still. Explain frankly why you have to resign without any notice and, if needed, you can consult your supervisor to ask for advice.

Tips on Writing a Resignation Letter for a Job You Just Started

  • Use the company’s letterhead
  • Don’t write too long; half-a-page is enough with three paragraphs
  • Don’t forget to leave your contact details
  • Don’t make a ‘rushed’ expression; this will make you seem unprofessional.

Sample of Resignation Letter for a Job You Just Started

Dear Ms. Nina,

Along with this letter, I intend to let you know about my resignation from my current Customer Service Officer position in this company. I understand that I had just started my career here, but my resignation occurs because I need to accept another job offer somewhere else. Therefore, I wrote this letter as a two-week resignation notice to comply the company’s policy.

I would like to apologize for any problems that my resignation, which is starting from December 14th 2020, may cause. I promise to finish any undone tasks in my responsibility during my last two weeks in the office. If you have any questions regarding my resignation, please do not hesitate to call me at 889-009878 or send me an email to: mjsmith@xmail.com.

To be honest, I am a little bit saddened knowing that I have to leave this company so soon. I feel grateful to be able to work in Headline Telecommunication, even though just for a month. I believe that the responsibilities given will be a great asset for my future career path. Also, I will miss the pleasant, cozy, yet productive working situation in this company.

Thank you for your understanding and I wish you and the team every success for your future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Manna J. Smith

Customer Service Officer

Headline Telecommunication


That is how to write a resignation letter for a job you just started. It can be a little bit uneasy to resign so soon, but the decision is all yours. If you are not subject to a contract, then a premature resignation is feasible to do. However, you will still need to be courteous and professional while resigning from a company.



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