The Example of Letter of Appreciation for Good Service

The Example of Letter of Appreciation for Good Service

Writing letter of appreciation for good service is something mandatory, actually. There are many ways to show your appreciation to little things, including to a good service from a restaurant, store or anywhere. This example of the letter below will help you to appreciate good service in a proper and elegant way. Find out the example right now below.

94 Letter of Appreciation for Good Service

How Do You Write A Letter Of Appreciation For A Good Service?

You can write the letter by stating:

  • How grateful you are for the good service
  • The name of the server or employee that gave you the excellent service
  • The willingness to spread good words about the place

How Do You Compliment A Good Service?

There are so many ways to compliments good service. You can tip a lot if you are in restaurants. You can also write positive reviews about the place so that the community can see that. It is great that way.

How Do You Write A Good Service Letter?

The letter should not be too long. It should mention the good service and the one you appreciate more, specifically. The letter can also be made public so that everyone can read. Address the letter to the supervisor or the company itself.

How Do You Write A Thank You Letter For Service?

Writing the letter can be done is so many ways. You can make a public letter or open letter. You can also write emails. As long as the letter appreciates the good service of the place and it has positive tones, it should make anyone reading them happy.

Sample of Letter of Appreciation for Good Service

This letter is surely going to make everyone happy. Here is the example of letter of appreciation for good service that you have to keep in mind.

August 16, 2020


Helen Lee

Portland Furniture

Hugh 5 St,

Grandsire, JK, 2916


Dear Mrs. Lee,

Yesterday I went to Portland Furniture to buy a new dining table. I must say that I am really impressed by the service given by the Portland Furniture team. I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for the good service I received yesterday.

I went home with the best deal for the new dining table. The table is beautiful and the store delivered the item for free to my house that very afternoon. I would like to specifically thank the shopkeeper that explained everything to me gladly. His name is Michael.

Because of this good service, I would love to shop again at Portland Furniture in the near future and I will recommend the store to my relatives and friends. I hope the store is thriving and keep bringing the good service to customers.



Jonah Glen


It is never easy to forget a good service, especially when you feel really satisfied with everything related to it. The letter can be your way to express the gratitude. Use the example to write the best letter of appreciation for good service for the people around you.


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