How to Write an Effective Date Resignation Letter and Sample

How to Write an Effective Date Resignation Letter and Sample

Even if you love your current occupation, there are so many possibilities that make you have to hand in your resignation letter. If you are in this position, the right step you need to do is to write an effective date resignation letter and deliver it to your supervisor. It’s a professional way that will help to resign from your position gracefully.

81 Effective Date Resignation Letter

What’s a Resignation Effective Date Mean?

Resignation effective date is the date when you submitted your resignation letter. The date is effective from when you give the notice to the end of the date stated in the letter of employment. Your boss can relieve you from that period at any time.

Can a Letter of Resignation be Effective Immediately?

The right way to write and hand in your effective date resignation letter is when you already know when you plan to leave your job. Basically, you need at least give notice of your resignation two weeks before sending the letter. However, there is often an emergency that makes you unable to offer your supervisor this much time.

How to Write the Last Date of a Resignation Letter?

You simply need to state the position you are resigning from and the date of your last working day. You can also include your willingness to help any tasks throughout your final weeks on your current occupation.

How Do You Write a Short Resignation Letter?

Here are the vital things you need to pay attention to when drafting a letter of effective date resignation:

Tell your supervisor first regarding your plan to resign

Use the business format to write your resignation letter

In the first paragraph, clearly state your current position and the effective date of your resignation

Provide the reason for your decision and don’t forget to express gratitude

The Sample of an Effective Date Resignation Letter

Follow the sample below to compose your letter the moment you have settled on the date your resignation takes effect:



Dear Mr. Park,

I am writing to inform you of my resignation from my position as a graphic designer at ABC Inc. I am sending over this resignation letter due to personal purposes. The effective date of my resignation will be September 22, 2017. Therefore, I request you to accept this letter as my three weeks’ letter of resignation. 

I will miss all the rest of the staff and the excellent work environment at ABC Inc., and I hope someday our paths might cross again. I am thankful for all the remarkable experience I have gained at this position, and I believe it will remain helpful for my future employment.

During my last three weeks, I will do my best to either help in the training program of a replacement graphic designer or transfer my previous responsibility. I wish to do my best to make this transition as easy as possible for all those involved.

Should you have any further questions or would like to discuss this with me, please do not hesitate to reach me by phone at 666-666-6666 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Hugh Campbell


That’s all about composing an effective date resignation letter. The primary purpose of this letter is to state your last day of employment. Therefore, any information includes in the letter must be adequately detailed.





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