Guide to Rescind Resignation Letter and Its Sample

Guide to Rescind Resignation Letter and Its Sample

The decision to quit your current job can be a very draining thought and work. Worse to happen, it may not stop after you made the decision itself because you have a change of mind and want to keep it for longer. If you have faced such a case, use rescind resignation letter to cancel your quit and get your job back.

38 Rescind Resignation Letter

How Do I Withdraw A Resignation Letter?

When you write a letter to retract your wish to resign, you need to:

  • Prioritize the reasons behind your changing decision and how you would very much appreciate if you’re given a chance to continue working with your current employer or company. If you’ve determined to stay because of the counteroffer, then include reference to it.
  • The letter should be wrapped by apologize if you’ve unintentionally caused inconvenience. Write about how you look forward to create further contribution as well.

Can You Rescind a Job Resignation?

Retracted job resignation is a possible thing. Sometimes, company that worries about losing valued employee will put effort to negotiate their stay.

It could also happen when an employee who have file a resignation have changed their mind. For example, they might make the decision at the heat of moment and regret it. To rescind the decision and express wish to get back, the only possible thing to do is by face up the situation by communicating with manager and/or writing rescind resignation letter.

How Do I Resend My Resignation?

At this point, honesty is the best thing you can give. You should explain the situation and give reassurance about your dedication to the job. You may also point out the past successes and your specialized skills to convince that it’d be better and easier to keep you as employee rather than looking for a new one.

What Can I Do If My Boss Doesn’t Accept My Resignation?

Unfortunately, as you are entitled to request retraction of your resignation, the employer is also entitled to refuse, so might as well prepare for any scenario possible. If your rescission is rejected, then it’s best to respectfully oblige and leave from the company.

Sample Letter to Retract Resignation

Read the sample of letter to retract resignation below to help you write persuasive one:


Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Your manager’s name)

The purpose of this written letter is to reveal my decision to rescind my resignation, in which the letter had sent on Friday, November 6. I offer one week notice then, and I’m currently still on the period, so I hope I’m also still on period where I can retract my resignation.

Following the discussion on Monday, November 9, I am pleased to accept the new employment terms that have had discussed. Due to this new set of conditions, I’d like to remain at my current position as the help desk analyst at this company.


(Your name)



After you handed out the rescind resignation letter, you just have to wait for the decision. As explained before, your manager may choose to accept or refuse the retraction.


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