How to Write an Internship Letter of Interest

How to Write an Internship Letter of Interest

When you plan to apply for an internship but don’t know whether the company opens an internship program, that’s where you will need to write an internship letter of interest. You can also use this letter to arrange an informative interview with the employee in the industry to learn more about them.


What is an Internship Letter of Interest?

This letter is a document that conveys your interest in working as an intern for a company, even if they aren’t advertising an internship opportunity. It tells the hiring manager that you’re interested in finding a position with the company.

What Should Be Included in an Internship Letter of Interest?

In writing an internship letter of interest, you should include these things:

  • Your contact information
  • An attention-grabbing introductory paragraph
  • A brief description of your skills and previous achievements
  • A summary of why you’re interested in the business.

How Do You Write an Internship Letter of Interest?

You can start the letter with a summary of your personal information and background, followed by a clear statement regarding your interest in the industry. It can also begin with referring to the company’s growth, new product, or any related news, which encouraged you to write the letter.

How Long is an Internship Letter of Interest?

The letter should be just one page long and split into three or four concise paragraphs. You should explain a brief summary of your background and the reason you’re sending the letter. Include professional yet eye-catching information.

The Example of an Internship Letter of Interest

Below is the sample of a letter of interest that you can use as a reference to write the letter.


Dear Mrs. Jones,

My name is Mischa Lecter, and I was particularly fascinated by the article I read about Star Corp. after researching several companies for the internship in the marketing field. I was also impressed by its mission to engage with small businesses in order to elevate market visibility while establishing a competitive environment.

In August, I will be finishing my sophomore year at the marketing program of Curtin University. I have a keen interest in management issues, with a particular interest in the field of marketing. With this experience, I aim to enhance my professional experience further to prepare for a marketing position after graduating.

Enclosed are my curriculum vitae, so you can review my educational background, experience, and accomplishments. Besides marketing, I have one year of experience working as a sales associate in our local clothing store. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss the possibility of an internship at Star Corp. You can also reach me at or 615-652-1314.

Best regards,

Mischa Lecter


Now, you already know how to write an internship letter of interest, you should know how to write your own letter. Feel free to start with the example above. Do not also forget to attach your curriculum vitae with your letter of interest. Also, make sure to keep the letter concise and to the point.



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