What to Write in a CPA Recommendation Letter

What to Write in a CPA Recommendation Letter

In the professional field, people often move from one company to another. If you are working as a Certified Public Accountant and looking for a new position at a certain firm, chances are your employer need to write a CPA recommendation letter to state the qualifications you have.

79 CPA Recommendation Letter

What is a CPA Recommendation Letter?

A CPA reference letter is a letter written by a former supervisor, a business owner, or an individual who is familiar with the applicant’s performance. The letter is used to state the capabilities and character of the applicant and why they should be accepted in a certain organization. Unlike other reference letters, a CPA recommendation letter should mention the institution from which the candidate graduated.

How Do I Ask a Recommendation Letter for an Accountant?

As a Certified Public Accountant, you will be expected to attach a recommendation letter along with your application. In this case, you should figure out someone in the professional field who really knows you well. Rather than by email, it is best to ask them in person. Let the recommender know the experience, qualifications, and capabilities you would want to have in the letter.

What Should You Write in a Recommendation Letter?

A basic recommendation letter should include:

  • A brief details about who you are and your relationship to the individual you recommend
  • Reason why the applicant is qualified for the job
  • The relevant skills the applicant possesses
  • The examples that prove the capabilities of the applicant

How Do You Write a Strong Recommendation Letter for a CPA?

When your former accountant asks you to write them a recommendation letter, here are the things to make a strong reference letter:

  • Always write the letter in a business letter format
  • Only focus on the job specifications
  • Provide an explanation on how you know the applicant and how their job performance is
  • Only mention the positive traits and the strengths of the applicant
  • Always use a positive tone
  • Provide contact information

The Sample of a CPA Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

It is a great pleasure to recommend Eric Bosnan to take part in your organization as an accountant. I know him since he began his employment in JD Accounting Firm as an accounting intern back in 2017. Within seven months of his internship program, I have witnessed his amazing transformation into a full-time employee.

Eric always takes every job assigned to him as a challenge to complete and successfully completes it. He is a hardworking individual who has an excellent ability with numbers and exceedingly punctual. Even during the holiday season, he volunteered himself to complete the unfinished marketing department jobs.

Everyone in the business greatly appreciates his expertise in making everything relatively easier to understand. I strongly recommend Eric as an accounting profession in any organization he would like to apply. I believe he would make a valuable addition for any organization.

Best regards,

Carl Jacobs

The CPA recommendation letter should be short, concise, and focus on primary points to make sure it is only one page.


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