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Donation Acceptance Letter as a Form of Acknowledgement for Donors

As we know, donors are the backbone of any nonprofit organizations. The organization would struggle to achieve their mission or their goals without having support from their donors. Once the donor makes contribution, it is important to send a donation acceptance letter as a form of acknowledgement. Take a look at the details and sample below for further understanding.

18 Donation Acceptance Letter

How Do You Acknowledge in Kind Donations?

For your information, there are two main acknowledgment types that given by nonprofit organizations to the donors:

Gratitude message: it is a basic note that contains gratitude for individuals for their contributions. There is a higher chance that the donors would like to be involved more when they think the contributions are well-appreciated.

Formal acknowledgement: it may take a form as email or physical letters that contain approved content by IRS. It’s sent when the donation exceeds $250 and it is used as an acknowledgement of the donors’ tax return.

What Should A Donation Letter Say?

Here are the components of formal donation letter:

The charity’s name and donor’s name

The contribution dates

The description of donated item in detail

The contribution amounts

The statement according to tax exempt status for nonprofit organizations

How Do You Write A Thank You Letter After Receiving A Donation?

Formal donation acknowledgement letter is important for the donors to file their tax return properly. It should be written with details of:

Approximate estimation of monetary value of tangible items or services contributed.

Acknowledgment of intangible or insubstantial items or services contributed.

Acknowledgement of the fact that donor receives nothing as exchange for the contribution.

What Should A Donation Receipt Look Like?

Donation receipt may be composed in form of casual note, formal letter, postcard, and other. However, it should follow the set of standard items that required by IRS.

Sample of Donation Acknowledgment Letter

Read one sample of donation acceptance letter made by charitable organization in the following:

Dear Mr. Jackson,

Accept our warm greetings for you, as we have received your donation last week. Through this letter, we’re informing you that we have accepted the study chairs and tables that you have donated to the organization.

We cannot express our gratitude enough for your generous contribution. It is sure will be really helpful for those in needs. The donations will be put in nothing but good use. Through this opportunity, we’re extending the news that the donated chairs and tables are going to be sent to schools that were affected by recent hurricane.

As a new established organization, we really hope that you would like to be our regular contributors. Once again, thank you and may your kindness will be repaid in one way or another.


Nancy Harris


The donation acceptance letter is made so the donor knows that the nonprofit organization has accepted their contribution and that their generosity is much appreciated. It can be a tool to maintain positive relationship between the donors and the organization.


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