Writing a Good Character Reference Letter with Example

Writing a Good Character Reference Letter with Example

Character reference letter is written by a person that knows your personalities well. It may be a friend, volunteer partner, or even neighbor. It may be written by someone you have worked for casually as well, such as for gardening, babysitting, or educator such as advisor, coach, or teacher.

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How Do You Start A Reference Letter?

The letter should explain the connection between writer and the referenced person. Describe how you both meet and why the writer is qualified to provide the reference. The letter must mention about the qualification of referred person, to show why they are recommended and why the recommendation is trustworthy.

What Should Be Included In A Character Reference Letter?

Letter of character reference highlight certain personality aspects. Some of the examples are ethics, loyalty, and dependable, as opposed to technical experience and skills that related to the aimed job position.

What Do You Say In A Reference Letter For A Friend?

Simply mention how long both of you have known each other and how the relation begun and developed. This information will help the hiring team to build better understanding of the recommended person’s personal qualifications.

How Do You Write A Good Reference Letter?

It’s better to be as specific as possible. Focusing on just a few strong qualities is a good idea, especially those which would make the person suitable for school or job position. Keeping it only to single page is advised as well, with maximum three paragraphs.

What Is A Character Reference Sample?

Here is a sample of brief and impactful character reference letter that composed well and emphasize on best qualities of the candidate:

To Whom It May Concern,

I, Dylan Larkin, have known Jimmy Howard for five years now. We meet during volunteer work at mathematic summer camp, and he often gives me advices on my thesis topic, in order to help me improve it.

Jimmy is one of the most hardworking, clever, and dedicated persons I’ve ever met and worked with. Moreover, his kindness and passion makes him never misses any opportunity to show helping hands to others. During out math camp volunteer time, there was one time where one of the camp coordinator became sick. Without hesitation, Jimmy stepped in to make sure that the daily schedule and plans won’t be cancelled even if he had to sacrifice his weekend and work until late night. I sincerely think that Jimmy is a countable person in stressful times and pressuring situations. He has contagious positive attitude.

With all these qualities he has, I recommend Jimmy Howard as the assistant for mathematics professor. He’d be a valuable asset for you. If you have anything you’d like to ask or discuss, please contact me on the details I’ve attached with this letter.


Dylan Larkin


You may offer character reference letter even if the employer you’re applying the job for does not request for it. Any positive additional information can be a help, especially if you do not have that many of job experiences in your resume.


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