Aspects to Note in Resignation Letter Due to Schedule Conflict

Aspects to Note in Resignation Letter Due to Schedule Conflict

It’s possible that you need to leave on of your jobs presuming that you have couple or several of them, and they cause clashed issue in schedule. In this time, you have to explain about your wish to quit the job clearly and appropriately to your employer by using resignation letter due to schedule conflict.

189 Resignation Letter Due to Schedule Conflict

How Do You Write A Letter Of Resignation Due To Stress?

Getting realization that you have to resign from your current job can be though, especially if the heavy schedule have taken a toll to your health physically or mentally. If you write a resignation letter due to the stress of delivering to more than one job, then you have to write a graceful resignation letter to explain to your employer and free from impression that you’re voluntarily leave the job.

Do You Have To Give Reason For Resignation?

Providing resignation letter is necessary in the light of the event. It doesn’t have to be lengthy and you don’t have to provide detailed reason. Always set the letter to have formal business letter formal because it will be stored on the employment records by the HR department.

Can I Change My Mind After Resignation Letter?

Changing mind after turning in the resignation is most likely to be embarrassing. However, if you already have firm decision about drawing your decision, you have to speak to the manager and talk about the situation as soon as possible.

Can I Email My Resignation Letter?

If in-person conversation with your employer or manager is impossible to conduct, then resigning through email is acceptable. Another examples where email resignation is tolerable is when you face hostile work environment or have abusive person to supervise or manage you in the workplace.

Resignation Letter Sample When You Have Clashed Job Schedules

Check out the following sample of resignation letter due to schedule conflict:

Dear Mr. Clark,

Please accept this resignation letter of mine, as I intend to exit from my position as waitress from Éclaire Bistro and Café Bar. I have to quit due to unavoidable conflict in my work schedule. As you already know, I also work part time at Evening Mine Bakery and Pastry and I expect to enroll at Georgia University to achieve master degree in the upcoming fall.

All these circumstances make it difficult for me to deliver my responsibility while keep up with optimum performance. My last day of working at Éclaire will be on November 14, 2020.

Please know that I enjoy working at this establishment very much. I hope to accept my gratitude for the opportunity and know that I’ll miss the staffs and superiors here as I feel like we’ve become very close.

I apologize sincerely if I have cause inconvenience by turning in my resignation. Thank you in advance for the understanding and please let me know if my help is needed during the replacement period.

Yours sincerely,

Joanna Foster


You may use resignation letter due to schedule conflict sample above as template. It has the components needed in resignation letter such as the leaving date, reasons to leave, and propose for assistance during transition time.



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