How to Write a Proper Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

How to Write a Proper Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

Chance is if you ever find yourself being dismissed from school due to poor academic performance, you’ll be given opportunity to appeal the decision. Even though the best possible approach to this situation is to appeal in-person, sending academic suspension appeal letter will suffice as well when your circumstances won’t allow. Here’s how to craft the letter as best as you can.

91 Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

How Do You Deal with Academic Suspension?

Depending on the school that you attend and its unique circumstances, they may provide chance for dismissed students to appeal the decision. Before sending your academic appeal letter or taking any next step, it’s always better to discuss with an academic advisor, ask the professor, or seek help to the tutoring center in the school first.

How Do You Win an Academic Suspension Appeal?

Here are several tips to appeal academic dismissal.

  1. Always try to appeal in-person first, if possible: Make a formal appearance in front of appeals committee, express the gratitude for appeal opportunity, and act sincere to admit mistake and your will for improvement.
  2. Write the appeal letter honestly: There’s no better way than to write in honest, polite, and humble wordings.
  3. Hold the parents on the sidelines: The committee wants to see how you are capable of standing up, speaking up, and building your own plans to fix the mistakes.

How Do You Write an Academic Appeal Letter for Financial Aid Reinstatement?

Before your aid runs dry, create an effort to appeal the grant as soon as you can. Make a request for the office to reconsider the decision by providing your reasoning to receive the aid money. Be open and honest during your situation explanation.

Is It Hard to Appeal Financial Aid Suspension?

It’s safe to say that your financial aid won’t be able to be appealed if you don’t meet the least hour or course requirements. However, it’s still worth to ask for reconsideration if the reasons behind your academic struggle are plausible for the committee.

Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter Sample

Here’s a sample of academic suspension appeal letter to help you start to write one:


Respected Sir,

I, (your name), from (your major) at (your school’s name), am writing this letter to you with a hope to be able to appeal decision upon my academic suspension. I was more than shocked when I first received the suspension news.

With all due respect, I consider the decision as unfair, and I can gather several persons from my department to stand my plea if needed. I have received suspension because Mrs. Hernandez regards me of late to submit my project on November 30, 2020. In fact, I had submitted the assignment a week before the deadline and have signed on the submission list.

I earnestly request you to check on this particular matter and if you consider me as right, then please reverse my suspension decision as soon as possible. I thank you in advance.

(Your name)


Make sure the academic suspension appeal letter is written in formal tone. You don’t have to go overly in detail, but you need to mention the reasons behind your deemed poor academic performance.


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