Good Fellowship Recommendation Letter to Write

Good Fellowship Recommendation Letter to Write

A good fellowship recommendation letter will make you more stand out among the other applicants. As part of the requirements, you will probably require at least two recommendation letters. The best ones come from those who know you really well and are able to give specific information about you as an employee or student.

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What is a Fellowship Recommendation Letter?

A fellowship recommendation letter is a letter used by people in many different disciplines who have graduated from a specific level of education and wish to undertake new studies within a particular subject.

How Do I Write a Recommendation Letter for a Fellowship?

If you are asked to write a recommendation letter, include a piece of detailed information regarding how the student meets the fellowship’s specific requirements. You can also explain how long and in what way you know the student who asked. Also, evaluate the student’s relation to the other students in the same field and already applied for this fellowship.

How Do I Write a Good Recommendation Letter?

When a student asks you for a recommendation letter, consider it first before saying yes. If you believe you know the student well, compose the letter using a business letter format. While you want to explain anything you know about the student, make sure to only focus on one or two of their main traits. Also, keep the letter in a positive tone.

How Long Should a Fellowship Recommendation Letter Be?

A good recommendation letter should be more than two paragraphs. A short letter will show that you either don’t know the student well or entirely support them. If you want to keep the letter only focus on specific points, avoid drafting more than one page.

The Sample of a Fellowship Recommendation Letter

This is a sample of recommendation letter from a doctor at a hospital for another doctor who has displayed their highest competence at the hospital.

Dear Dr. Weisz,

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Dr. Ben Solo for your traumatic surgical Fellowship and Mary Magdalene Hospital. Dr. Solo has demonstrated the highest degree of knowledge and integrity over the years, and I am a great admirer of his work. Our hospital is incapable of offering Dr. Solo a fellowship, but I believe he deserves this chance.

Dr. Solo has a very excellent track record in medical care and conducting complicated procedures. Dr. Solo has been said to be able to save lives with his capable hands amongst the community. In case of a harrowing incident, a patient would ask Dr. Solo nearly 80% of the time, and he is not the only traumatic surgeon in the community.

Dr. Solo is also an extremely reliable surgeon who has cut his holidays to take care of his patients. He is always available and continually developing new methods to treat patients. Some of his incredible ways have been mentioned in a number of esteemed medical journals. I am able to provide more information if you contact me at 777-777-7777 or email me at

Best regards,

Dr. Chris Collins

Crafting a good fellowship recommendation letter will help to catch the hiring managers’ attention, and help you to land a job.




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