The Proper Business School Recommendation Letter Example

The Proper Business School Recommendation Letter Example

Writing a business school recommendation letter is usually done by someone professional in their field, like a professor or dean. A lot of people are looking for business school to get a degree as holding the degree of business professional is very promising indeed. This is what you need to know about writing the letter of recommendation.

9 Business School Recommendation Letter

How Do You Ask for a Business School Recommendation?

You can ask for the school of business recommendation by doing these:

Asking a professor in business field

Contacting professional education advisor

Conducting an extensive research on the internet

Who Should Write Letters of Recommendation for MBA?

A Master’s Degree is one more advanced degree in the field. Making a recommendation about the right school to pursue the degree should be done by those with even higher degree, like a PhD or a professor. The letter will be more compelling for sure.

How Many Recommendations Do You Need for Business School?

Two or three recommendations are enough. They can be compared easily and you can make sure that all the details about features, programs and a lot more are thoroughly compared. If you have too many options, you need to narrow them down as soon as possible.

How Long Should an MBA Recommendation Letter Be?

It should not be too long. The letter should get to the point immediately and explains why the particular school is getting recommended. You also need to write where to seek more information about the school in the letter as well.

Sample of Business School Recommendation Letter

This is the example of business school recommendation letter. Use this example to guide your way into writing a proper letter.


January 2, 2020

Brenda Johnson

Huxland 6 St,

Chelsea, GB, 2017


Dear Mrs. Johnson,

I am writing to you this letter in response to your inquiries about business school in the area for your son. I believe that your son is about to graduate high school later this year and you are about to enroll him to a business school in pursue of Bachelor’s Degree of Business.

I am here suggesting you to enroll your son to James Barkley Business School. The location of the school is in East Chelsea. It is a very strategic location and the business school has been around for almost a century.

I am giving you this recommendation as I am an alumnus of the school myself and I have spent 7 years teaching at James Barkley Business School before I moved back to Scotland. You should find out about the school’s facilities and programs by visiting their official website (www.jamesbarkleyschool.sch)

I hope this recommendation is useful.




Michael Kene, Ph.D.


For those who need to write the letter now, use the sample available up there. The sample can be used with ease and you will just have to follow the content. That way, you can just write the letter very easily and the process of writing business school recommendation letter won’t intimidate you anymore.





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