Tips to Write the Termination Letter for Theft

Tips to Write the Termination Letter for Theft

If you are working in a Human Resources Department in a company, being able to write termination letter for theft is something mandatory. Theft is something that everyone cannot tolerate, and it is considered as a crime. Hence, if someone in the company is committing the crime, you need to fire him/her immediately. Use the example below.

50 Termination Letter for Theft

What is Termination Letter for Theft?

This is the type of letter to effectively terminate someone’s employment in the company. Most company takes crime like theft as serious offence, and they do not tolerate it. The letter is to fire someone because they have committed the crime.

How Do I Write a Termination Letter for Theft?

When you are writing termination letter for theft, there have to be several mandatory things that you include in the letter. They are:

  • The ground reason to terminate the employee
  • The time and date of the committed theft
  • The firm decision of the firing

Can I Dismiss an Employee for Theft?

If the evidences are clear and overwhelming, you can definitely fire someone immediately from their job. Make sure that the theft crime is recorded by the security camera or there are witnesses to support the decision.

How Do You Write a Termination Letter for a Cause?

It depends on the cause. If the cause is theft, firing someone is very easy. Theft can be reported to the authorities and it can get to court if the company wants to. Usually, they won’t bring the case to court as long as the employee returns the stolen goods.

Sample of Termination Letter for Theft

The sample of the letter can be seen below. Use them to write a proper letter for the employee and stop their jobs.


July 15, 2020


Laurence Willbond

Hudson 5, St

Kensington, NC, 29017


Mr. Willbond,


I am writing this letter to you to inform you the decision related to your serious offence in the company. On July 12, 2020, the security camera in the office caught you taking home something that did not belong to you.


You have taken a laptop from Mr. Johnson’s office and to this day the laptop is not brought back and we have received no word from you. Theft is a serious offence and the company can bring the case to court if necessary.


For now, it is very clear that we can no longer tolerate any types of theft committed by employees. This is the reason why we clearly states that from now on, you are no longer employed at Ken and Park Company.


This decision is applied immediately. If you have any questions, you can contact me or the rest of the human resources department at Ken and Park Company.


Thank you.


James Humm

Human Resources Department, Ken and Park Company


Even though firing someone is hard, you have to do it especially when the ground is a crime like theft. Use the letter example above to terminate the employee who commits the crime. The termination letter for theft should work anytime.


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