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Note These Things when Writing Pastor Resignation Letter

Everyone can resign from their job, including a pastor, and that’s why pastors need to write pastor resignation letter. This is the example of the letter along with all the needed information that you may need to understand about the resignation from the job as pastor.

124 Pastor Resignation Letter

How Do You Write a Resignation Letter for a Pastor?

The key to write the letter is to write it clearly. Never exaggerate anything in the letter, and make sure you know your reason to quit.

How Do You Write a Letter of Resignation from a Church?

In the letter, you should write the detail about your resignation. It may include your reasons, the date of resignation, as well as your personal contact.

How Do I Write a Letter of Resignation Immediately?

There is no exact structure on how to write the letter, especially when the letter is addressed to a church. However, you should mention:

The reason for the resignation

The responsibilities you are willing to take for the church

How Do I Resign From a Church Board?

It is the same as resign as a pastor. You need to write the letter to the board of the church. It has to mention to strong reason why you need to get out of the job.

Sample of Pastor Resignation Letter

For those who are looking for the example of pastor resignation letter, it should be found below:

December 2, 2020


George Cooper

First Baptist Church

Fringe 72 St,

Medford, TX, 2910


Dear Mr. Cooper

With the Grace of God, I am writing you this letter to inform you that I have decided to resign from my position as pastor in First Baptist Church. The Lord has spoken to me and hence I decided to join a missionary program in Europe. This is why I cannot stay in Texas and continue serving the congregations in First Baptist Church.

The missionary program is going to start at the beginning of the New Year and I have to resign from my position as pastor in this church by the end of this month. I am willing to make public announcement to the congregations once my request for resignation is approved.

It has been a delightful decade working here at First Baptist Church but I do believe that Lord always wants us to grow and spread more of His words and works. This is the reason why I joined the missionary program and travel to Europe.

If there is anything related to paperwork or something that I have to sign off for the resignation, I would love to meet the member of the church or the board of the church to discuss the matter. I would be ready at my current phone number and email address.


Thank you and God bless us all


Pastor Jeffery Johnson


Being a pastor is honorable job and it is very much God-related. It is spiritually satisfying but when you have to call it quit, there is no other way than having to send this pastor resignation letter to the church. Use the template above to make sure that you are writing the letter properly.




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