Award Acceptance Letter to Express Gratitude, Appreciation, and Confirmation of Event

Award Acceptance Letter to Express Gratitude, Appreciation, and Confirmation of Event

Award acceptance letter is a formal document that’s written when you receive an award or honor as employee or candidate for the occasion. Writing this letter is generally seen as the best and most proper way to express gratitude and respect, so it may strengthen your relationship with the affiliated organization.

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How Do I Write an Award Acceptance Letter?

Here’s how you are able to write an appropriate letter to accept an award:

Start by mentioning the purpose of your letter

Show your acknowledgement over the given award or honor

Mention the reasons why you receive the award

Make sure you are being humble and courteous in your wording without being self-deprecating

What Do You Write in an Acceptance Letter?

Not only sending a written letter when accepting award or honor will display your appreciation or respect, it also offers your further information about the related event, such as your confirmation of attending awards ceremony (if any). You may use the letter to clarify the time, date, and location of the said event that you’ll participate in.

How Do You Send an Acceptance Letter?

There are several ways that you are able to convey your acceptance upon the awards. Physical letter may be the best options, but sending it through online portal such as e-mail is also tolerable and won’t make it any less relevant.

How Do You Say Thank You for Receiving an Award Email?

Show your gratitude by expressing how much you appreciate the recognition. It’s essential to use modest, appreciative, and positive tone throughout the letter. You may also express about how you’re going to continue your commitment to do your best.

Acceptance Letter Sample for Award

Below is an award acceptance letter example from employee who receives best employee award:

Dear Mr. Connor,

I just received pleasant information by my manager about being awarded of the best employee of the month in our department. At first, I was quite unsure if I deserve enough achievement to accomplish this award, but regardless, I cannot express about how proud I feel about being recognized for the contribution to the company.

As an addition, my manager also notifies me about my promotion of leader position for the team. I’m extremely excited upon this news, and I look forward to the upcoming years to be more productive and successful. Therefore, I’ve already planned and worked on my way to thrive to be a better employee and get a chance to retain this honorable award.

If you require any information or want to discuss further about this event, please do not hesitate to reach me directly through the office phone line call or my business email.

Once again, I thank you so much for the given award and your attention.

Best regards,

Marie Foster


It is understandable if you feel excited or even emotional over receiving the awards. However, the award acceptance letter still should carry cordial and formal quality. Looking for the examples may help to find the right words to express your genuine feeling.




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