Writing a Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter

Writing a Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter

Being financially incapable is what everyone tries to avoid in their lives. Fortunately, there are still kind-hearted people out there who are willing to share what they have with others, just like a financial aid for students. However, it can be suspended due to the grantee’s failing grades or such. You can write a financial aid suspension appeal letter as an effort to get it back.

43 Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter

What is a Good Reason to Appeal Financial Aid?

Not all people are eligible to ask for financial aid reinstatement. You must have a convincing reason to appeal financial aid suspension, such as job loss, death of someone dear to you, special circumstances, etc.


How Do You Write a Letter of Appeal for a Suspension?

  • Keep the letter formal, addressed to the authority
  • Apologize and/or mention the reasons why you failed your performance
  • Assure them that you’ll do better in the future.


How Long Should an Appeal Letter Be?

Actually there are no legal rules regarding how many pages you should make it. It’s always a good idea to keep it not too short or too detailed. Hence, you can make it 1-2 pages.


How Do You Write a Successful Appeal Letter?

Let it be financial aid suspension appeal letter or other kinds of appeal letter, you can use these tips to make it effective.


  • Opening statement: state the purpose of your letter clearly.
  • Share only facts: include facts as the detail, but say no drama.
  • Be specific and stick to the point.
  • Don’t manipulate your readers.


Financial Aid Suspension Sample

It may be difficult for you to write a financial aid suspension appeal letter without any example to refer to. Don’t worry, you can take a look at this letter and have it as sample.


Respected Committee Members,


My name is Meraj Khan and I am writing this letter in order to request for reinstatement of my financial aid. It was suspended due to my declining grades past semester. I am responsible for the failing grades in the recent months, but I believe in my plan to get back to my prime condition. Therefore, I appeal to the committee to consider giving a second chance.


I lost both of my parents on April 20, 2020 in a road accident while they were walking home from work. My siblings and I were literally taken aback, and apparently this is what made all of us fell into a deep pit of mental breakdown. Despite the help we got from our relatives, I felt it was undeniably hard to get back on track, let alone focusing myself on study.


Fortunately, everything seems to be better after I decided to take therapy. My bereaving siblings have been more stabilized and started to bounce back again.


In case of my study, I hope I can continue it with the help of your institution financial aid as currently I am also funding my siblings’ studies and living expenses.


Therefore, I appeal to you to reinstate my financial aid. I will put my best effort to get back on my study as well as doing my optimum performance to fill up what I need to do. Enclosed with this letter are my counselor’s and therapist’s statement regarding my condition.


Thank you for your consideration in this matter.



Meraj Khan


This is how to make a financial aid suspension appeal letter. Once you thoroughly read the sample, it’ll be easier for you to make yours later.


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