The Contents of Maternity Leave Letter to Parents

The Contents of Maternity Leave Letter to Parents

Getting ready for your baby’s birth can take long time. However, if you are a working woman, it will be harder. Luckily, every pregnant worker has this right often called as maternity leave. Teacher has this right too, but it may freak the children out if their teacher changes all in a sudden. To lessen the shock and inform the parents, teacher should write a maternity leave letter to parents.

134 Maternity Leave Letter to Parents

What is the Content of a Maternity Leave Letter to Parents?

Just as its name contains, a maternity leave notice should include the effective date of your leave, how long you will leave from work, and when you plan to return. Along with that, state your reasons because not all parents know about your condition, especially if you are a teacher who doesn’t meet parents in daily basis. Also, introduce the person in-charge as your substitution briefly.

When to Write Maternity Leave Letter to Parents?

Well, it depends. It is safe to write it after your application of leave has been accepted by your employer. Make sure to give it enough time: two weeks, for example.

How Do I Ask for Maternity Leave?

Similar to writing any kinds of formal letter, you should use professional and formal language. Then, the rest is as follows:

  • Follow the maternity leave guidelines in your office
  • Mention how long you’ll leave from work
  • Tell the readers if there is any replacement personnel
  • Offer assistance by providing your contact number/email
  • Thank the readers for understanding your condition.

How to Introduce the Supply Personnel?

Start by mentioning the name. Then, proceed by telling their qualification/credential. Lastly, ensure the parents that the in-charge person is as qualified as you.

Maternity Leave Letter to Parents Sample

The following letter is a sample of maternity leave to parents letter. If you have any idea how to write one, you can have this sample as your guide to write yours.

Respected parents,

Along with this letter I hereby intend to inform that I will be taking a maternity leave in order to prepare for the birth of my baby, effective from December 14, 2020. If there are no complications or difficult situations, I plan to return to teach at March 8, 2021. It is a little bit saddening that I will not ne able to accompany them for a while, but I believe that the students will be fine with my substitute.

During my absence, Ms. Katya Denisova will be assigned to teach the class. Some of you might have known her, as she had several times substituted me during my absence. I feel confident that she will be a nice, caring interim teacher. She is a graduate from UOP University majoring in science education; therefore I believe she will do her best while conducting the class.

Please do not hesitate to send me email or call me or Ms. Katya if there are something you want to ask regarding the learning activities. I can be reached at 776-99087 and I will try my best to cooperate with Ms. Katya in order to make the class runs well. I look forward to seeing and teaching all the students again.

Thank you for your understanding regarding this situation.

Yours sincerely,


Linda P. Moore

ABS Elementary School


That is how to write a maternity leave letter to parents. As this is a formal letter, it needs to be free of grammar errors. Also, always keep the professional tone while writing the letter.




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