The Quick Tips to Write Bid Acceptance Letter

The Quick Tips to Write Bid Acceptance Letter

When your company is in need to acquire the best product at the right value, they may have the intention to look for a wide arrange of bids or offers from many different suppliers. You must send the supplier a bid acceptance letter once your company has chosen the best bid. The letter is used to tell the supplier that they have been selected and when they should deliver the product or service.

89 Bid Acceptance Letter

What is Acceptance of Bid?

Acceptance of bid or tender is an acceptance that is issued by the owner of the business to a contractor. This includes a written letter of acceptance or other forms of notification and also a detailed acceptance letter regarding the case.

How Do You Respond to a Bid Acceptance Letter?

Open the letter with a short, concise statement that informs the supplier that your company has accepted the bid. Provide the details about the product or service your company is required. Also, mention the specific date that your supplier should send the product. Close the letter with appreciation and provide your contact details.

How Do You Write an Acceptance Letter for a Bid?

Here are the quick tips to write a bid acceptance letter in a proper way:

  • Make sure you compose the letter in a firm tone in order to offer the letter’s recipient a sense of firmness
  • Refer to your request for applying the bid to your company and then respond appropriately to this request

How Do You Accept a Vendor Proposal?

When you or your organization has chosen a certain vendor to be the main supplier for your company, it’s important for you to send the vendor an acceptance letter. Here are the essentials you need to include in the letter:

  • Write the letter in a formal business format
  • Provide your company expectations from the supplier
  • Avoid using phrases that make the letter sounds bossy
  • Include information regarding your company that the supplier must be aware of

The Sample of a Bid Acceptance Letter

Below is the sample of an acceptance letter written by the company representative to a supplier for winning the bid.

Dear Mr. Campbell,

I am writing the letter to inform you that our company, ABC Groups, has decided to accept your offer to install a new air conditioning system at our office. Our company has carefully analyzed each offer but found that your expenditure and results were perfectly balanced. Your references were also outstanding and we found your portfolio to be exceptionally excellent.

A copy of your offer with some slight changes to your applied terms and conditions can be found with the letter. We also attach a list of products with several modifications according to the advisors in our maintenance department.

We will immediately sign the agreement and send it back to your office if you first sign the contract and send them back to our office. As you would be aware, we would like to start the project by April at the latest. Therefore, the paperwork needs to be completed immediately.

If you have any further questions regarding the matter, please do contact me.

Best regards,

Adam Wian


ABC Groups

In order to write a professional bid acceptance letter, consider starting out the letter using the official letterhead in your company.



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