Deciding to Accept a Nomination? It’s Time to Write a Nomination Acceptance Letter

Deciding to Accept a Nomination? It’s Time to Write a Nomination Acceptance Letter

If you are nominated for a position in the organization you are joining and you accept the position, then congratulations! Now it is time to write a nomination acceptance letter. Don’t know how to write one? It is okay, the article below will show you the essentials of how to write that letter.

66 Nomination Acceptance Letter

What is a Nomination Acceptance Letter?

As mentioned before, the letter of nomination acceptance is usually written when someone is offered a position in an organization – and he/she agrees to take the position. This letter serves as something to thank the parties who nominated him/her for the position.

How Do You Graciously Accept a Nomination?

Although most of the times saying thank you is enough, you can’t simply do just that in a letter. So, aside from showing your gratitude, you can express your readiness for the position and perhaps, your plea for good cooperation in the future.

How Should I Begin My Nomination Acceptance Letter?

You can start your letter by thanking the responsible committee. Show your gratitude in a professional way, do not make it wordy. Then you can go by showing what your plan is to handle the responsibility given to you; such as mentioning some of the projects you are planning to carry out during your service.

Can You State Your Acceptance via Email?

Surely, you can. Although writing nomination acceptance letter can give you more professional feels to it, writing emails is the alternative you can go to, especially if your organization does not have any specific ‘headquarter address’ to start with.

Nomination Acceptance Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Motoya,

With great pleasure I write this letter to inform you that I accept my nomination for the position of Tokyo Foreigner Photography Club chairman. I am honestly content knowing that the club members felt that I am fit for the position.

I highly understand that I will be required to do many responsibilities. One of them is conducting a photography exhibition. In addition, my responsibility also requires me to outreach regional photography club in order to build good relation as well as to introduce our photography club to local clubs already long established.

Aside from that, I would like to introduce new projects that will help to spread the word about our club, for instance, arranging photography competition, holding events like workshops/seminars, and going online by making the club’s official social media. That will be great for us to hold monthly/annual routine club gathering to strengthen internal members bonding as well.

Those aforementioned are a few ideas I would like to introduce. In addition, I plan to contact local universities students’ photography club to outreach budding photography enthusiasts. I would be more than happy to welcome any ideas or suggestions from club members which will help our club to develop towards a better way.

Once again, thank you for nominating me for the club’s chairman position. I look forward to serving the club in my best capacity during my service.


Maddie Minamoto


Well, that is how to write a nomination acceptance letter. Basically, this letter is a platform to express your gratitude towards the nomination committee that selected you as the suitable one to handle a certain position. Aside from expressing your gratitude, along with this letter, you can also confirm your decision to take the position offered.


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