Resignation Letter from Full Time to PRN Example and Requirements

Resignation Letter from Full Time to PRN Example and Requirements

Writing resignation letter from full time to PRN is often done by those who want to change their employment status from full time to freelance or part time. PRN stands for “pro re nata” or often stated as per diem. It allows the worker to work part time only (usually 4 hours) per day. It pays less than full time worker for sure, but a lot of people find it more comfortable.


How Do You Write a Resignation Letter from Full time to PRN?

If you want to write down a good letter, follow the suggestions below, and it will help you send a proper letter to the Human Resources Department or related department.

  • The letter should be addressed to the supervisor and human resources department
  • Give a clear reason to go from full time to PRN
  • Write the letter in proper and understandable language
  • Send the letter in advanced

How Do I Go from Full Time to PRN?

To change the status from full time to PRN or all the way around, usually a resignation letter is needed. The letter is addressed to the human resources department or to the direct supervisor of the employee. It should contain the reason to change the employment status as well as the willingness to take the responsibility of the employment changes.

How Do I Resign from PRN?

Even when the human resources department does not issue any intention to end your employment, you can always ask to resign from the PRN position. All you need to do is writing the letter. The example of the letter should be found here.

Is it OK to Handwrite a Resignation Letter?

It is usually does not matter whether the resignation letter from full time to PRN is typed or done in handwriting. If the company has specifically mentioned that the letter has to be typed of you have to handwrite the letter, then it is better to follow the instruction.

Sample of Resignation Letter from Full Time to PRN


May 6, 2020


Hayden Starr

Norbit Co.

Damesville 5, Rd

Westcoast, CA, 2715


Dear Mr. Starr,

I am writing to you to ask for the permission to change my employment status in Norbit Co. As per today, I work full time in the company as an assistant editor to the publication department. I work full time from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Due to personal reason related to my health, I would ask for the permission of going Pro Re Nata (PRN) here, which means I should work no longer than 4 hours per day. I am aware of the consequences related to the wages and other things and I would like to accept that.

I hope you can understand the situation and approve my request to go PRN in the company. I would really appreciate your help and I am thankful for the opportunity. I would like to speak directly to you if you need me to.


Thank you


Brian Fox

Those are the best things you need to know about the resignation letter from full time to PRN. Use the example to write a proper letter for the change of status related to your employment.



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