The Proper Resignation Letter with 30 Day Notice

The Proper Resignation Letter with 30 Day Notice

Writing resignation letter with 30 day notice is often done by those who are working in a company with a 30-day notice policy. The policy is basically stating it is mandatory for employees to announce their resignation at least 30 days prior. It helps the company to cope with the decision and seek for replacement. This is further information about the letter.

72 Resignation Letter with 30 Day Notice

How Do You Write A 30 Day Resignation Letter?

The letter should be written at least 30 days before the last day at work. Address the letter to the human resources department and make sure that you state in the letter several things including the reason for the resignation.

How Do I Write A Resignation Letter For A One Month Notice?

It is the same as the 30-day notice. Simply ask for the permission to resign from your supervisor and then inform the human resources about the resignation afterward.

How Do I Write A Notice Period for My Resignation Letter?

All you need to do first is looking for the resignation policy in the company. The period should be adjusted to the policy. Most companies are using either 30-day notice or two-week notice. It depends heavily on the decision of the company.

How Do You Give A 30 Day Notice At Work?

There are several steps for that. The common steps are including:

Informing the direct supervisor

Informing the human resources department using a letter

Conducting an exit interview if needed

Sample of Resignation Letter with 30 Day Notice

Writing resignation letter with 30 day notice can be hard, for the first time particularly. Use this example as guidance

July 31, 2020


Laurence Carl

Human Resources Department

Greenland Publishing

Emerald 7 St,

Willbond, TG, 2715


Dear Mr. Carl,

This letter is my 30-day notice. I am planning to resign from my position as editor-in-chief in Greenland Publishing. The reason for my resignation is because I was offered a scholarship for doctoral degree in University of Willbond and I have decided to take the offer.

I would like to focus on the study and my classes will begin by early September 2020. This is why I have decided to quit the job. I believe that there will be somebody else to replace me as editor-in-chief and that they will work as hard as I did.

I wish everything is going smoothly from this point on. I promise that I am going to take care of every duty and remaining jobs and finish them all before my last day at work (August 31). If the human resources department needs me, I’d love to come to the department in person.



Jackson Blackbeard


When your company has 30-day policy, make sure you follow it through. Of course, you do not want any problem because you leave the job too suddenly. This is why everyone should have the ability to write resignation letter with 30 day notice properly. The example above is going to give you a hand for sure.



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