Preparing a Proper Restaurant Resignation Letter

Preparing a Proper Restaurant Resignation Letter

Quitting a job in restaurant can be a challenging matter. Restaurant has uncommon workplace environment where the staffs are dependent on each of their coworkers, so you may play a huge role in maintaining things to run in order – no matter how seemingly small your position is. Here is how to compose the best restaurant resignation letter as you possibly can.

203 Restaurant Resignation Letter

How Do You Quit A Restaurant Job?

Below are several key steps to follow, to make sure that the process of your resignation from the restaurant is going smoothly:

Be prepared and get a new job ready prior to leave your current one.

Write resignation letter with positive and professional tone.

Provide two-week notice or as your contract terms require.

Offer help to train the person who’s going to replace you.

How Do I Resign As A Waitress?

Speak and address the resignation letter to the manager instead of the CEO or owner of the restaurant. It’s enough to discuss your resignation event with manager as they are the one who’s going to handle your quitting process. Even if you’re close to the manager, keep the letter’s tone to be formal.

How Do You Write A Resignation Letter For A Restaurant?

As mentioned in prior, maintain formal wording and format throughout the letter. You should begin by informing your resignation from the restaurant and your last day of working there. Remember to show your appreciation for the opportunity when you were given the job and all the earned experiences.

Is It Necessary To Write A Resignation Letter?

Writing a restaurant resignation letter properly is necessary. Even if you cannot write one for some reasons, you may still give notice through phone call or email. The reason behind doesn’t need to be disclosed in details, but it’s important to include all the essential components, as it might be served as your employment reference in the future.

Resignation Letter Sample of Job in Restaurant

Here is a sample of formal resignation letter that’s written by a chef that leaves job in restaurant:

Dear Mr. Johannes,

This letter is to notify you the intention of my resignation from chef position at Queen’s Dining House. It serves as two-week notice, as my last day of working here will be on December 24, 2020.

This decision is not made because of any internal problem within the restaurant, but rather my personal issue. I’ve been dealing with liver issue for a year now and my doctor advised me to step out of the job to focus on treatment and recovery process.

I thank you a lot for the opportunities provided for me in the last couple of years. It’s my pleasure to work in such a wonderful environment with equally wonderful staffs. Let me know if you need my assistance during the changeover period.


Josh Williams


Writing a letter to notify about your resignation is recommended, whether the job is formal or informal. Composing professional restaurant resignation letter is not only a good practice, but it might also have positive effect on your next job later on.



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