The Rental Agreement Termination Letter from a Renter

The Rental Agreement Termination Letter from a Renter

Some agreements require notification if the contract between tenant and landlord is about to end. Use a rental agreement termination letter as a form of formal notification if you wish to terminate your contract early. Advanced notice will give the landlord enough time to find a new tenant and help the tenant find a new house.

88 Rental Agreement Termination Letter

How Do You Terminate a Lease Agreement?

If you are a tenant who plans to terminate your tenancy, you should first send a written notice to your agent or landlord, move out from your rent building, returning the keys, and other things you should do per the agreement.

How to Write a Letter to Terminate a Rental Agreement?

As a tenant, your rental agreement termination letter should include the essentials that include:

  • Your name and the name of the agent or landlord and the address
  • The specific date you are composing the termination letter
  • Clearly state that you will end the lease early
  • Provide a reason why you are ending the rental agreement
  • Provide details about the building you will be vacating
  • State the date when you are going to vacate the building

How Do I Write a 30 Day Notice Letter to a Landlord?

You need to send the rental agreement termination notice 30 days prior to moving out from your current building. Apart from the essentials above, your letter should also include some of the additional details, such as:

  • Details on your new home which include the address and the name of the agent or landlord (optional)
  • A short, concise statement that, by the rental agreement, you send the notice around a month out

Can You Email a Rental Termination Letter?

As a tenant, you can actually send advance notice by email or simply through text message to your landlord. However, such a form of notifications is often not sufficient for the landlord in a termination should things go wrong.

The Sample of a Rental Agreement Termination Letter

Here is a sample of a lease termination letter from a tenant to a landlord:

Dear Mr. Crawford,

I am writing this letter with my request to officially terminate our signed rental agreement dated Thursday, February 3, 2015, over the building located on 1826 Cedar Lane, Cambridge, Massachusetts with a lease period of 4 years.

I have been recently transferred to another state as a result of my promotion. I have been required to prepare my identification papers and travel documents. The administrator in my office also has prepared the new place where I will be residing. I love this place but due to these current revelations, I have no choice but to leave the place.

In this case, I intend to return the property to you on Friday, December 22, 2018, and I would like the security deposit to be returned. You may conduct a property inspection for your calculation of the security deposit sum to be returned.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for the evaluation or if you have any further concerns or questions.

Best regards,

Michael Kane

Besides being used to terminate a lease agreement earlier, a rental agreement termination letter can also be used to verify that you won’t renew an expiring rental term.



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