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Tips to Write and Sample of Retirement Letter to Coworkers

It’s never easy to say goodbye to your work acquaintances, but writing a retirement letter to coworkers may be able to make it a bit easier. Learn below how to write a short and sweet writings, along with expression of your gratitude on the verge of retirement period.

101 Retirement Letter to Coworkers

Do I Need to Write a Farewell or Retirement Letter to my Colleagues?

It is necessary to bid your last farewell as working colleagues to others. Now, the writing process of retirement letter may be though, stressful, and time-consuming. To express what you want to say properly, write in simple and gracious way. It’s also good to add one sentence or two about your plans during post-retirement period.

What Do I Say in My Retirement Letter?

Here are some things you can include inside the letter:

The date of your upcoming retirement

The gratitude and pride you feel towards the company

The appreciation to your coworkers

The things and plans of yours after retiring

Your contact details

The invitation to your retirement party (if you hold any)

How Many Notices of Retirement that I Have to Write?

How many letters and who you choose to send them to is totally up to you – it might also depend on the company culture. The letters can be sent personally through mailing address or email, or sent using company mailing system.

How to Congratulate a Coworker on Their Retirement?

If you’re the one who want to write to your retiring college, then you want to let them leave the job with warm acknowledgment that they have make positive differences in the workplace. Express your wish of their continuing happiness and success. It’s also possible to accompany the letter with retirement celebration announcement such as parties or lunches.

Sample of Retirement Letter to Send to Coworkers

In order to create better formatted retirement letter to coworkers, read the sample below:


Dear my wonderful coworkers,

I want to announce you through this letter, that after an enjoyable 15 years of working at our company, I will be officially retiring on November 16, 2020. Prior to my departure, I wish to share sincere gratitude to each of you who have helped me to create precious memories while I was here.

Before my retirement take place, please don’t hesitate to reach me if ever you have concerns or questions about the transition. I’ll be glad to help as much as I can.

Mrs. Lucy Green has been appointed as the new branch manager. She has taken training for several months before taking over my position. I have attached her contact details in this letter and I hope you look forward to work with each other in the upcoming time.

I am looking forward for my post-retirement, as I have planned to visit my grand-kids, go on trips, take care of my garden, and many other good things ahead.

With much appreciation and gratitude,

Kelly Dallas


The sample of retirement letter to coworkers above leaves plenty of room to customize and personalize on your own. Feel free to add your details, wishes, and personal remembrances inside.


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