Learning How to Write Resignation Letter with 30 Day Notice

Learning How to Write Resignation Letter with 30 Day Notice

If your office has the 30-day notice policy for resignation, you have to understand how to write the resignation letter with 30 day notice properly. This is the example for the letter. You can use the example to guide you while writing the letter, so the result won’t be disappointing. There will be some explanations related to the letter as well.

93 Resignation Letter with 30 Day Notice

How Do You Write A 30 Day Resignation Letter?

Write the letter by includes these pieces of information:

  • Why are you quitting the job?
  • When will your last day at work be?
  • Is there any remaining job that you need to do?

How Do I Write A Resignation Letter For A One Month Notice?

The key to write the letter is to use reasonable format and make sure that you write the letter way before you quit, which should be within 30 days. It won’t make you violate the company’s policy.

How Do I Write A Notice Period For My Resignation Letter?

It depends on the period of the company for employees to quit. Find them out first by asking the human resources or the supervisor that works with you.

How Do I Write A Short Notice Letter Of Resignation?

Quitting the job in such short notice is usually allowed as long as the reason is really urgent. Ask your supervisor for clearer answer.

Sample of Resignation Letter with 30 Day Notice

This is the example of resignation letter with 30 day notice. Make sure you write the letter properly and hand them down to the human resources department before it is too late.

May 1, 2020


Gillian Jackson

Human Resources Department

Martha Tea Company

Howe 65 St,

Douglas, HH, 2851


Dear Mrs. Jackson,

This is the letter to announce that I am planning to resign from my position as accounting staff at Martha Tea Company. I am aware that the company has 30-day notice policy. This is why I am writing this letter now as I plan my last day at work to be on June 1, 2020.

I have to leave the job because I am going back to my hometown in Texas to take care of my father. He is now terribly ill because of cancer. As I am the only child and my mother is deceased, I will become the only person to take care of my father.

For the next 30 days, I will complete and finish all the remaining duties and assignments given to me. I will also take care of the paperwork related to my resignation. I am willing to conduct exit interview with the human resources department as well.

I do hope that the company understands my ordeal and approve my resignation.



Susan Jacob


Most companies indeed have 30-day notice to make sure the employees won’t quit their work in such short notice. There is no way now that you cannot write the letter properly. All you have to do is following the example of resignation letter with 30 day notice above, and writing the letter will be so easy to do.


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