Tips and Example to Write New Business Announcement Letter

Tips and Example to Write New Business Announcement Letter

New business announcement letter is written to communicate with customers and vendors to declare a fresh start of business. It’s also used to inform new management, policy, or owner. It is usually written in straightforward and short manner with only relevant information. Sending this letter will help to announce important changes in business and help to pull customers in.

103 New Business Announcement Letter

What to Say When You Announce Your Business?

Below is what you should include in announcement letter for new business:

The type of business that’s about to start

The special upcoming event or product to celebrate the opening

The time and date of said event

The invitation for the recipients to come to the event

How Do You Announce A New Business Owner?

If the letter is sent to announce a new owner for business, then it must be:

Started by telling how long the business has been going, how much the prior owner fond of operating the business, and how much the team appreciate the customers

Transitioned to inform that the business was sold

Emphasized that it will remain to offer same products or services without significant price changes

Offered some background about the new owner, such as their business experience and why they worth to be endorsed

Provided gratitude and assurance to the customers that them and the business will be handled by good hands of new owner

How Do You Write an Announcement Letter?

The announcement must be concise and straightforward, so that the readers can grasp the information and refer to it easily and quickly. Keep the content to be on point, short, yet inviting. It’s also better if the letter explains the desire to keep professional business relationship with the customers based on goodwill and loyalty.

How Do You Write A Letter to Announce A New Business?

Follow these three simple steps to send new business announcement letter:

Make a list of recipients, which should include your network and everyone you can reach out.

Draft the letter and finalize the version.

Send the letters out – you may also track responses if it’s sent via email.

Announcement Letter Sample for New Business

Here is a short, simple, and effective sample of announcement letter to inform about new business:


Dear Customers,

With this letter, we are extremely pleased to announce the fresh opening of our business “Apple Tree Retails” on December 21, 2020, in order to meet with the growing demand of expanding our services in several regional areas.

For your area, out new business should be easily found at 4136 Sundown Lane, Bertram, Texas. The store will be open daily from 6 A.M-11 P.M. To let you know how excited we are of seeing you there, we have included 10% special discount coupon attached with this letter that you can use during the opening week. It’s also valid to be used on our online site.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the openings as much as we do.

Thank you,

Apple Tree Stores, Inc.


The new business announcement letter may be massed mailed to as many customers as possible. It helps to let them know about the opening news and invitations to visit.




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