The Proper Tenant Lease Termination Letter

The Proper Tenant Lease Termination Letter

If you need to write tenant lease termination letter to get rid of an annoying tenants, you can get the example here. These examples and information are going to help you sending the last warning for the tenants, and that they have to move out from the building. Use the information and example below to make sure you can pen down a proper letter.

150 Tenant Lease Termination Letter

What is Tenant Lease Termination Letter?

The tenant lease termination letter is the kind of letter to inform the tenants that they will no longer be considered as tenant. It often happens for payment reason. Probably the tenants are no longer able to pay for the lease, so they have to get out of there.

How do You Write a Letter to Terminate a Rental Agreement?

To write the letter with ease, you have to get straight forward. This is the parts that you have to include:

  • The reason for termination
  • The time to solve the payment
  • What happens if they still do not pay

Can You Email A Lease Termination Letter?

Yes, the letter can be emailed or sent physically. However, in time like this, email will be fine and everyone reads it immediately. In addition, emails are also cheaper as they are available in your phone and computers all around the world.

How Do You Write a 30 Day Notice Letter?

This letter is sent before the termination letter. Apparently, it takes a month for the tenant to either solve the problem or to get out. This is why the letter must be sent way in advanced. It should give them enough time to pack.

Sample of Tenant Lease Termination Letter

This is the example of the letter:


October 1, 2020

Randy Park

Hubert 37 St,

Oscarshon, HM, 2091


Dear Mr. Park,

I am writing to you this letter to inform you that I have terminated your lease in Jackson Mall. You are no longer one of the tenants to occupy the mall. The reason for the termination is because you have not paid for the agreed payment for three months straight.

We have waited long enough to receive the payment but we have nothing of it. You have never replied the emails and response to everything. Hence, we have decided that the termination must be done as soon as possible.

The store that you leased will be closed and sealed. If you want to reopen the store, you have to come to us and finish the payment. Otherwise, the store will be emptied by the end of October and will be transferred to other tenant-in-waiting. Thank you for understanding.




John Kellen


The letter must be firm and have consequences written on it. You have to make sure the tenants can have their warnings in the letter, so they will solve their problems, either by making payment or by getting out of there. This is the reason why you need to be able to write the tenant lease termination letter from now on.



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