Tips to Compose a Good School Application Letter

Tips to Compose a Good School Application Letter

School application letter is written with the purpose to introduce an applicant to the admission committee or committee board at school. It might be used on school admissions in various academic levels and grades, but mainly for high school, college, and university.

172 Good School Application Letter

How Do I Write An Application Letter?

To write this particular type of letter, you want to address it to the head of admission. The format typically follows the standard format of business letter where you include the date, your identity information, and the recipient’s identity information at the top part.

In the content, you should explain about your interest to admit to the program. You also need to give summary about your achievements, skills, and your future career goals. Finally wrap it up by restating your interest to the program and sharing your contact details.

How Do I Write An Application Letter To A School?

Application letter is a great mean to provide the school about your strength points academically. Thus, it should be written with professional tone, in order to provide clear outline to let the recipient understand the content correctly and quickly.

How Can I Write Leave Application For School?

Leave application, on the other hand, is a letter that written by a student with the purpose to get approval or permission of headmaster or principal to leave school for short period. The letter needs to explain the reason why the students need to take temporal leave.

What Is The Format Of Application?

Here is the format of application letter for school that follows the general structure of letter:




Reasons behind objectives

Complimentary close

Your name and signature

Application Letter for School Sample

Here is one sample of school application letter that’s written to apply to college:


Dear Sir Arthur Brook,

This letter is written as formal request for admission to Indiana University. I have chosen to enroll to Business program in Indiana University after conducting research to several different colleges and universities. My final choice is made due to the excellent quality and reputation that the school has to offer. I also received recommendations from previous graduates.

I aim to continue my study in Business Program that offered at Indiana University in Business graduate degree after I finished my undergraduate program. My goal after getting into the graduate program is to work as management consultant.

It has been my long-term goal to major in Business and I’m confident that this is the right career path for me. I have attached my essay, transcripts, and recommendation letters according to the admission requirement with this letter.

I believe that I deserve to be accepted into the honorable program based on my qualifications and my academic records. I really hope to receive favorable response. If you have any inquiry or would like to arrange appointment, please reach me at my attached contact information.

Martha Lewis


See how the sample letter above explains about the reasons of choosing the selected program and endorsing oneself. Always double check your school application letter first before sending it out to look for possible errors.


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