Writing Guidance of Voluntary Child Support Agreement Letter

Writing Guidance of Voluntary Child Support Agreement Letter

Voluntary child support agreement letter is a document that’s used to put out the detail about how divorced couple divided financial burden upon their kids. There are several things that must be included inside the letter, such as the expenses of children support, their healthcare, and other expenses of raising the kids.

26 Voluntary Child Support Agreement Letter

Can You Write Your Own Child Support Agreement?

Separated couples can set out agreement in regard of child support on their own, which then should be approved by court. The agreement letter must contain information and details in the following.

  • Both parents must be thoroughly aware of their child support rights
  • Both parents must be aware of the amount of child support they bear
  • Both parents suppose that the agreed amount is the best for the child’s interest
  • None of them is forced or being pressured to the stated agreed amount
  • None of them applies or receives public assistance

Will a Notarized Child Support Agreement Hold Up in Court?

Even though voluntary child support agreement letter has been notarized, it is not enforceable by law. The agreement of child custody only serves as contract between both parents, but it won’t have law enforcement until it’s involved in court order.

Can You Agree on Child Support without Going to Court?

Yes, you can. Plenty of couples create agreement upon the child support without having to go to court. In fact, it is considered as the best for everyone involved in general, particularly the children, if their parents can settle the issue without problem. Requesting for court’s help can be very much stressful, expensive, and time-consuming.

Can My Ex and I Make Child Support Agreement?

Both parties have to agree on the payment amount of child support to set a binding agreement – which can be less or more than the set amount in assessment of child support. It is advised for the separated couples to get independent legal advice.

Example of Letter for Voluntary Child Support Agreement

If you feel uncertain about what to write, read the provided example in the following:


Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Judge’s name)

This letter is meant to represent agreement of voluntary child support between Collin Johnson, my client, and her ex-wife, Grace Miller.

Both sides of party have agreed of dividing expenses based on their current arrangements of living. Healthcare and insurance will be covered by the father side. The education expenses will be divided as this arrangement: 70% by father side and 30% by mother side, until the children have graduated from college in the future.

Meanwhile, the time with parents will be spent as this arrangement: 70% with mother and 30% with father. Both sides of party have agreed with schedule flexibility. Our side will submit the entire documentation by this week to the court. We thank you in advance for the time given.

Best regards,

(Your name)


Voluntary child support agreement letter allows divorced parents to modify the existed agreement of child support. It gives them opportunity to create new settlement that they think the best for everyone.


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