UCLA Acceptance Letter Example and Information Related to the Letter

UCLA Acceptance Letter Example and Information Related to the Letter

Getting a UCLA acceptance letter is something out of ordinary for most students. That’s the day that their dream comes true. UCLA or the University of California, Los Angeles, is one of the best universities in the world, and getting accepted to study there is surely a great honor. This is the further information about the acceptance letter.

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What Day Do UCLA Decisions Come Out?

The admission of UCLA starts around August to November. The timeline is including:

The decision is usually announced by the end of March

By May everyone accepted should have admitted all the needed paperwork and documents.

Does UCLA Send Acceptance Letters?

Yes, they do. There will be an acceptance letter sent to those who have been accepted in the university. The announcement is also done using email and their system. You have your user name and password to login to their system when you submit the admission.

When Should I Expect My UC Acceptance Letter?

You should expect the letter from UCLA on late March. If you have not heard from them until April, it mostly means that you are not accepted in the university. You can check on them by login to their system (website) and/or contacting their customer service.

How Do I Check My Application Status for UCLA?

UCLA has a website that you can log in to. Once logged in, you can go to check your application status. It shows whether you have been accepted or rejected by the university. You should also check the admission status via their admission line.

Sample of UCLA Acceptance Letter

For those who have never laid an eye on UCLA acceptance letter, you can find an example below and use it as template:

March 20, 2020


Daniel Lean

Parker 7 St,

Kate, KL, 2917


Dear Mr. Lean,


This letter is to inform you that you have been accepted in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The program you have chosen is the Bachelor’s Degree for Microbiology. Hence, I would like to congratulate you on this achievement.


The next thing you have to do to complete the admission is whether to accept the decision or not. If you choose to accept, please complete the paperwork and other requirements detailed on the attachment. Then, you can mail them or deliver them in person to UCLA.


If you decline the offer and prefer to study somewhere else, you can make a statement of rejection and mail it to UCLA as well. For further information, please contact Mr. Jackson Huang (UCLA admission staff) at (281)182-182 or via email at jacksonhuang@ucla.ac



Amanda Foster

UCLA Admission Committee


When you have received the letter, there is no way that you ignore the letter. You have to send a response as soon as possible. Most of the time, the response is to accept the decision to study at the UCLA for the next few years in order to get the desired degree. This is why you have to understand how the UCLA acceptance letter looks like and how to respond them.




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