Writing a Constructive Discharge Resignation Letter

Writing a Constructive Discharge Resignation Letter

It can be disheartening to leave the job you once fought for. However, no one can dodge bad things that may cross their paths, including an annoying superior whose daily behaviors forcing you to quit soon. If you face such condition, then resigning from the job can be a good choice. To ease the resigning process, writing a constructive discharge resignation letter can help.

161 Constructive Discharge Resignation Letter

What is Constructive Discharge Resignation Letter?

Constructive discharge resignation letter is a letter you write when a constructive discharge happens. Constructive discharge itself happens when an employee resigns due to an unpleasant working situation, which to their opinion is no more tolerable.

Construction discharge is not illegal. For ones who are constructively discharged, there are laws protecting them as if they are fired.

What Qualifies as Constructive Discharge?

A typical constructive dismissal usually results in voluntary resignation. But, what are the examples of constructive dismissal?

The employer has been continuously creating ‘scenes’ of complained working atmosphere.

The working situation has gone undeniable intolerable which makes the employee feels obligated to give up their job.

How Do You Write a Constructive Discharge Letter of Resignation?

Keep in mind that while writing this letter, you should keep the professional tone despite you are being upset/annoyed due to the situation. Avoid using slang words – especially obscene or cursing sentences. It is important to keep the letter content flows gracefully while stating that the one forcing you to quit is the employer itself.

What is the Format of Constructive Dismissal Letter?

State your intention of leaving and its reason

Mention the effective date of your resignation

Offer help to transfer responsibilities or training the replacement personnel

Mention how to contact you have there been questions regarding your resignation

Show your gratitude and say sorry if there is anything unwanted happens

Constructive Discharge Resignation Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Amber,

Along with this letter, I hereby intend to inform you of my resignation, which has been forced due to the constructive dismissal acts from my supervisor. My last day of will be February 3, 2020; therefore, kindly accept this letter as my official notice of resignation. I am sorry to cause you and the team of StarArch Solution inconvenience due to my resignation.

I would be glad to be able to do my best to make the transition period feasibly smoother for the next two weeks. It may include responsibility transfer or training a new addition to the team. It would be a great thing for me if you desire a person-to-person talk regarding this situation. Or, you can make it simpler by calling me at (890) 8893-9874, or sending an email to julia.anderson@stararch.co.us.

It saddens me that I have to hand in this resignation letter. However, there have been many good times I had during my years of working and I will look back warmheartedly on those memories. Working in StarArch Solution had given me wonderful experience and I believe it will benefit me for my future endeavors.

Thank you for your understanding regarding this situation. I wish you and the company all the best and success.

Yours sincerely,

Julia Anderson

Marketing Associate

StarArch Solution


Well, that’s how to write a constructive discharge resignation letter. From the sample you can see that the sender tries to keep it professional, not suing the company or even using cursing words despite her bad experiences while working there. That way, it will make her leave out from any conflicts.


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