Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter Details Information

Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter Details Information

A recommendation letter is very helpful to help someone be nominated as one of the best candidates, especially for a teacher assistant job offers. Although it may not be compulsory, CV with a teacher assistant recommendation letter can be a great leverage. It can give multiple chances for someone’s to be hired as a teacher assistant as well.

44 Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter

What is Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter?

This recommendation letter is a kind of personal recommendation letter. The letter is written by someone who is eligible enough to speak about the candidate’s personality, character, and previous job track record.


How Long Should a Recommendation Letter Be?

A recommendation letter should be more than a paragraph or two. After all, one paragraph does not suffice to explain who you are and why you are recommending them. But, don’t make it too long. You can limit it to one-page letter.


Does a Letter of Recommendation Need to be Signed?

Yes, it does. Someone who writes the recommendation have to sign the letter.


What Do You Write in a Teaching Letter of Recommendation?

  • Introduce yourself and your qualification in writing the recommendation letter.
  • Tell the reasons why you are recommending that person. It’s best to remain positive and focus only on two or three traits only.
  • If any, share your story evidencing his/her capability
  • Closing statement, followed with your contact information
  • Signature


Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter Sample

If you are asked to write a teacher assistant recommendation letter, it’s possible that you don’t have no idea how to write it. Below is a sample of recommendation letter that you can use to write yours.


Dear Principal,


I am glad to recommend Amanda Smith for the position of teacher assistant at your school. She has been a teacher assistant in our Willow Elementary School for almost five years. She thought that it would be better to move into a closer school to her house, which is Starkids Elementary School. I am writing this recommendation letter as someone who has been working with her for the past years.


Amanda is an energetic, patient, and wise person. She always takes an initiative have there been things left as chores in our class. She always manages the classroom situation to be cheerfully conducive.


Amanda is a kind and compassionate person in terms of educating children. She makes sure everyone can follow the learning pace; hence no one gets left behind. This happened in almost all classes, especially mathematics, art, and computer science where she excels in. As a result, our students’ grades are better once I got help from her.


Honestly, I have a mixed emotion knowing that she is leaving. I think it is not exaggerating to say that Amanda is a gifted person, yet humble and that makes her as the perfect teacher assistant candidate any school can have. I believe you will not be disappointed with her presence. If you have any concerns, you can mail me at: jasminemorris@wes.sch.us.




Jasmine Morris


This is how to make a teacher assistant recommendation letter. It can be a bit long, but you don’t need to make it too filled with compliments about the one recommended.


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