Writing an Apology Letter for Bad Service Easily

Writing an Apology Letter for Bad Service Easily

Well, running a business means you have to write apology letter for bad service sometimes. A lot of customers are just hard to please. They do not want to wait for too long or their expectation is just too high. To soothe the angry customers, usually you have just admitted that the business is wrong, and you need to write the letter.

224 Apology Letter for Bad Service

How Do You Write a Letter of Apology for a Bad Service?

Writing the letter should contain three essential things: the apology, the reason and the compensation. As long as those three parts are there, the letter is considered legitimate and you will be able to soothe the angry customers.

How Do You Apologize for Poor Service?

You can apologize using the letter. However, if the mistake is too severe and the customers will have none of the apology, you should issue public apology instead. It uses media like TV or newspaper to state the apology.

How Do You Apologize for A Mistake Professionally?

Writing the letter will be a good idea. It seems professional and it is very legitimate. A lot of people will prefer to have the apology letter rather than receiving words of it.

How Do You Apologize for Incorrect Information?

If you have made a mistake of giving incorrect information, you have to :

  • State an apology
  • Make amend by giving the correct information instead
  • Give compensation if necessary

The Sample of Apology Letter for Bad Service

This is the example of apology letter for bad service. Use the example to find out what should be written in the letter.

June 2, 2020


The Parkson Family

Jingle 7 St,

Saint, HG, 2019


Dear the Parkson Family,

I am writing to you this letter on behalf of Thompson Restaurant. I am currently working at the restaurant as the head of human resources department there. I have heard that yesterday you were all at the restaurant and felt very disappointed for the bad service.

You then filed a complaint stating “the food took too long to get onto the table”. We have checked with the kitchen staff and waitresses that it did happen that way. The food took about 1 hour to get onto the table. However, yesterday was the first day of mid-year holiday and the restaurant was overrun by customers.

Even so, we admit that it was all our mistake. We should have added extra personals in the restaurant to handle the numerous customers. Hence, we would like to offer you free dinner service for four people that you can take anytime that you want.

Please contact the restaurant to discuss it further.



Christian Glenn


Even though it is not necessarily your fault, you have to apologize for sure. It is the only way to maintain the reputation of the business. To make sure that you can apologize to the customer the proper way, use the example of the apology letter for bad service above. It will help you for sure.




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