Writing a Medical Leave Letter from Doctor with Example

Writing a Medical Leave Letter from Doctor with Example

As a physician, you may often be required to write an official letter to indicate that your patients receive medical treatment or diagnosis. This will allow your patients to take leave of school or work to recover from the illness. Many organizations require a medical leave letter from doctor; thus, it’s necessary for you to know how to write a professional medical letter.

48 Medical Leave Letter from Doctor

How Do I Qualify for Medical Leave of Absence?

If you are an employee, you are eligible for medical leave if you have been employed for 90 days. You are allowed to apply for medical leave as long as you can prove your health conditions with a medical letter from your physician.

How Do Doctors Write Medical Leave?

Below are the items that should be written on a medical leave letter from doctor:

  • The doctor’s name and address should be written on the top of the page
  • The name of the patient as well as their conditions
  • Any health details recommended by the doctor
  • The letter should be signed by the doctor

How Do I Write a Letter Asking for Medical Leave?

To inform your supervisor or teacher of your incapability to go to work or attend the class, you should write a sick leave letter. You only need to address the recipient’s name, briefly explain your condition, the period of your absence, and attach the letter from your doctor.

How Do I Write a Medical Leave Letter for College?

Students who want to take medical leave should also write a letter to let the teacher know that they can’t attend the class. Apart from including the health conditions that are proved by the medical records from the doctor, the letter should also contain the period of absence.

The Sample of a Medical Leave Letter from Doctor

Below is a sample of a medical leave letter written by a doctor for a patient who suffers a severe throat infection.



Dear Mr. Green,

I, Robert Langdon, am writing this letter to inform you that your employee, Alana Bloom, is currently suffering from a severe throat infection. Her fever has not gone down since yesterday. She is feeling very weak that I am afraid she is incapable of functioning properly at the office. Besides, the medications require some time for her full recovery.

I would like to make a request to grant her a medical leave for 5 days starting from August 2, 2017. In addition, I have been told that she works in human resource management, which involves her in an ongoing interaction with many people. Mrs. Bloom has an infectious illness, which other employees may quickly catch.

I suggest that she will be able to return to work when she is completely recovered. Her follow-up visit is on August 4, 2017, which will make everything more transparent. I can include her evaluation report or any other document you need for your record. Should you have any questions, you can contact me anytime between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday).

Your attention and approval of this medical leave will be greatly respected.

Best regards,

Robert Langdon, M.D.


The general format of a medical leave letter from doctor only includes the name of the patient, health condition, treatment plan you are recommending, and your signature as a physician.


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