Admission Appeal Letter Guide and Example

Admission Appeal Letter Guide and Example

People who have tried to get into college will agree that it’s indeed a stressful and overwhelming process, especially if they received rejection. A lot of applicants don’t actually know that rejection from college is not always the final end of the decision. It is, in fact, possible to send an admission appeal letter with the purpose of the board changing their decision about their applications.

53 Admission Appeal Letter

How Do I Write A Reconsideration Letter?

Also known as reconsideration letter, here’s how to write appeal letter for college admission:

  • Write in formal manner
  • Lay out your disputation in details
  • Write down your arguments respectfully
  • Support your arguments with facts and evidences

What Should Be in an Appeal Letter for College?

Here’s what you should include within college appeal letter:

  • Search for the information about your applied school and the policies
  • Try to submit the letter as soon as you can because other options you have also approaching their deadlines
  • Serves all facts in specific ways such as your test scores, GPA, awards, and honors
  • Don’t be hesitant to get personal in your letter about things that affect your education plans

How Do I Write an Admissions Appeal?

The tone of admission appeal letter that you write must be kept polite, despite your disappointment with their rejection. Ask for them to reconsider the decision respectfully, by stating their denial reasons and your own arguments over why it must be reconsidered.

Do Appeal Letters to Colleges Work?

The admissions decisions from most colleges or university actually can’t be changed, especially renowned private schools. However, you may have chance with public schools. That being said, the reconsideration policies will vary from one school to another so there’s nothing wrong with trying.

Sample of Appeal Letters to Colleges

Check the example below if you need help to write college appeal letter:


Respected Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Name)

I write this letter with the hope that you will kindly provide a chance to present my admission case to your academic institution and course. Looking upon the criteria of mark limit, I am eligible to admit to the college. I have to disclose my unfortunate financial background, because I actually have to depend for financial support for my education from higher officials, such as you. Thus, I’m making the appeal.

With all due respect, I know all departments and components of your academic institution must be work hard and consistently to support the education life of students there. However, based on my inquiry, I happen to know a pitiful occurrence that one of the college officials are providing community quota seats to the outsiders, then deny some of the eligible candidates, including me. To support this finding of mine, I’ve presented copies of relevant documents that I hope you’ll find helpful.

I wish for your understanding upon how urgent the situation is and for you to bring justice by act on the case. Thank you in advance.


(Your name)


Remember that your arguments inside admission appeal letter should bring logical observation and facts only. You shouldn’t write speculation, or worse, imagination within the writing piece.






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